Monday, July 5, 2010

Starting from scratch

I am going to write a series each week detailing my gold making process with my warlock. I am interested myself on how much gold can be obtained without any help from my other characters just by leveling 1 to 80. Since I have so many crafting professions I am going to make my warlock a miner and skinner. These will be easy to level while I'm trying for 80.

I shouldn't have to bother buying much gear at all, he currently has the BoA shoulders, chest, and staff. I will only buy upgrades off the auction house when there just hasn't been an upgrade in the past 10 levels from quests. I figure that after 10 levels obsolete gear would be a hindrance to my leveling speed. Currently he is at level 5 with about 4 silver after buying the level 4 talents.

I am going to sell any materials I collect on the auction house and sell off all the leather and ore I collect. The mining will come in handy for jewelcrafting later once I have it maxed.

If you have any suggestions on gold making while leveling I would love to hear! This will be new for me since in the past my main focus was just getting characters to 80.


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest herb/skinner - your more likely to find herb nodes near skinnable mobs.

Anonymous said...

If you're a skinner, make sure you're around 90~110 skinning and run SFK a whole lot. You'll walk out with 4-5 stacks of leather and 1-2 stacks of wool cloth per run. That equates into your character having quite a few hundred gold by level 25

NakedJay said...

Thanks for the tips!

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