Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly Update 7-13

I only played three nights this week since I was gone for vacation most of the time. It was pretty low numbers as a result.

Jewelcrafting - 4500g
Tailoring - 1800g
Auction House Flipping - 4000g
Enchanting - 2000g

I didn't even touch my other professions if you are curious where those numbers went. I also spent around three grand gemming and enchanting my new ret set I built for my paladin and I loaned a grand to my friend who got hacked. When they finally restore his account I will get paid back.

Total Liquid = 42,200
Total Invested = 10,000
Total Assets = 52,200

I found some really good deals this week on crusader and frozen orbs. Someone posted a stack of frozen orbs for 180g and I resold each of them for 20g. It was a quick 220g profit. I also bought 5 crusader orbs that someone posted for 45g each! I guess they were needed gold quickly for posting at that price. I resold the crusader orbs for 120g each for a profit of 375g. (Excluding AH fees)

I also did my usual epic flipping, a few blacksmithing plans and found a couple great deals on epic gear. I had a hard time buying up cheap low level items, like ore and cloth, seemed like someone else kept doing auction house scans after I went to bed bidding on all those items.

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jay, I've been following you for about 2 months- pretty impressed. I've tried to keep up in the last few weeks and got about 3k worth of assets and liquid cash, but no maxed crafting professions.

I got enchanting at 290 and alch at 250 on on character, and those are about the highest so far. Which do you recommend to sink all this money into in order to get a nice return? The flask market on my server seems kinda wonked with Frost Wyrm flasks going for a little over 13g most times.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
I would make your alch a xmute spec because that is guaranteed easy gold, but your enchanter will be your most profitable professions although it will take some gold to level it.

Once you have your enchanter at max and have bought up all the plans you will want to use lil sparky's workshop in conjunction with an addon called skillet. This combo allows you to find which enchants you will make a profit off of and gives you a shopping list of mats to buy depending on which enchants you have chosen to make. Once I get some more time I will try making a guide on using those two addons.

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