Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Update 7-20

Well here is a recap of my last week in gold making. Bling Bling!

Jewelcrafting - 6200g
Enchanting - 1200g
Inscription - 1200g
AH Flipping - 1100g

Not a great week, I wanted to focus more on gold making but I had to work a lot of late night this week at work so I only focused on jewelcrafting since it's my main money maker.

Total Liquid: 45,388g
Total Invested: 15,000g
Total Assets: 60,388g

Two nights ago I found a player selling off his stock pile of epic gems. I dropped 10k on uncut epic gems that cost me 80g each. This was a great find because I was buying most gems for around 90 to 95g since demand had risen and now this will give be a huge advantage against my competitors. I will be able to really undercut them and still make a profit if I need to go lower than my normal profit threshold. I was also very low on my gem stock pile so buying up around 125 gems really helped.

Spent the last three days playing with inscription and I made a little bit of gold. I am still trying to streamline the whole process but once I get into the swing of things I should have no problem cranking out some gold on this profession. I need to spend some time this week trying to get all of the glyphs available, I think that will really open up some opportunities.

This week was a tough week when it came to auction house flipping. I literally found very few deals and the ones that I did find were for low profits. Mainly I flipped some eternal life, frozen orbs, and crusader orbs. I found very little leather, ore, and herbs this week to flip. I've noticed more competition in auction house flipping because I am finding it more and more difficult to win minimum bids like I had in the past.

Thanks for checking in!


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