Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Update 7-28

Here is my weekly recap...a day later than usual, I really wanted to get that limited supply guide out.

Jewelcrafting - 7,800g
Enchanting - 450g
Inscription - 2500g
Alchemy - 350g
AH Flipping - 2000g
Vanity Pets - 250g

I really spent a lot of time building up my inscription business buying pretty much all the glyph mastery books I could get my hands on. I was limited making gold with it at first since all the initial glyphs you get from the trainer are low demand glyphs for the most part so you have very limited profit margins. The last two nights I made the bulk of my profit off all the new glyphs I learned.

Jewelcrafting saw a little boost in demand, especially in Cardinal Rubies, and now my supply is starting to dip. I did invest another 5k in gems but in the grand scheme of things I really need to invest another 15k to keep myself above my competition.

Auction house flipping has been slow as of late, it's been difficult to find deals besides flipping eternals and orbs. I flipped only one epic, a item level 219 cape for a 300g profit. Other flipping I have done involved limited supply and vendor items.

Total Liquid: 53,177g
Total Invested: 23,000g
Total Assets: 76,177g

It's a big achievement me for me breaking the 50k gold barrier. Being a casual player who really only gets about 2 to 3 nights of actual play time a week, I think I have done pretty well. I am really starting to see gold flow in now that I have inscription going, alchemy transmutes turning out, still making a killing in jewelcrafting, and making a little bit on the side with flips and tailoring. If I had those other professions when I first started I would easily be above 100k.

I didn't focus on selling enchants this week since I was spending almost all my time building my inscription business. It still amazes me how much time it takes to mill -> craft inks -> craft glyphs -> post w/ QA3 -> cancel as needed & repost -> wait for 300 glyphs to pull out of your mailbox. Even with this all streamlined with quick auctions and postal mail mod I am still thinking there has to be a better way.

Dalaran vendor pets still are selling, if you are not flipping these you are really missing out on some easy gold. I've still been lazy and have not made a trip to netherstorm to buy the pets out there to rebuild my stock.

Thanks for checking in!


Markco said...

Enchanting is a little low, but the rest look ok.

Have you tried old world recipes?

NakedJay said...

I have not yet got into old world recipes. I need to spend some time collecting those and selling the twink enchants. Honestly I did not put any real effort into selling enchants. I was so focused on inscription and jewelcrafting this week.

It's tough being a casual player and running all of these professions and trying to fit in time for arena with my buddies. If I can stream line everything I think I can manage all of them better. I will say skillet and lil' sparky's workshop have been a life saver when it comes to selling enchants.

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