Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How do you turn 1,000 gold into 2,000 gold?

Markco over at JMTC has asked the gold blogging community this question for his 2nd Blogging Carnival, "How do you turn 1,000 gold into 2,000 gold?"

I think that this question can be broke down into two separate paths depending on what a user has available to them. Let's take a look at both strategies, which are both very viable.

The New Player that is Limited by Professions
If you fall into this category you are looking at any options available to make gold because you just simply can't take the gold you have and invest it into materials to craft items to sell. So let's look at the options available to you.

1. Buying and Reselling Vendor Pets
This is a simple method of making easy gold. You can make a trip visiting vendors in your faction capital, Dalaran, or the Stormspire in Netherstorm. These pets can easily sell for double or more what you paid for them. For example, Dalaran pets sell for around 50g and can be resold on the auction house for 100 to 150g each.

2. Flipping Items on the Auction House
Another great method to make gold is buying low and selling high. By using the Auctioneer addon we can easily scan the Auction House for any items that are selling for way undervalue. Then we can buyout these items or put a minimum bid and hope to win the item. Then repost any items you find at actual market value and rake in the profits!

Items I generally look for are any type of materials, ore, leather, herbs, or cloth that is selling for way under market value. Also another low risk area is flipping Frozen orbs, Crusader Orbs, or Eternal Fire/Life.

The Established Player with Professions
Established can be used loosely with this strategy. This can range from a veteran to someone who has a maxed out profession but has no idea how to use it to make gold. Let's go through some examples I currently use to make gold.

1. Inscription
I think this profession I see the greatest return on out of all my professions. At one time I would consider that profession to be jewelcrafting but since those markets have pretty much crashed I use Inscription as my cash cow.

I would immediately take that 1000g and buy up as much herbs as I could get my hands on that fit under my price threshold of 15g per stack. Normally you can find stacks for 9 to 12 gold. I would also buy 4 frozen orbs to make epic tomes with. Make as many glyphs as you can that are above 10g each and make some Runescrolls of Fortitude as well.

So let's follow along, Buy Herbs -> Buy Orbs -> Mill Herbs -> Make Inks -> Make Tomes -> Make Glyphs -> Make Runescrolls or Fortitude or Sell Snowfall Inks

Depending on market conditions you might be able to sell Stacks of Snowfall ink for 200 to 300 gold. This is immediate return on your investment has you should have about 3 stacks worth after milling. You can also use them to make Runescrolls of Fortitude but you must check to see what the going rate is on your realm. Typically they run 5-6g each. Tomes sell for around 250g each and I would recommend making 4 of these to sell. As for glyphs stick to ones that sell for above 10g as we are looking for high demand glyphs to sell to get a quick return.

In a matter of just a couple evenings selling these items you should easily be above 2000g. If you sell 50 glyphs out of the 250 to 300 glyphs that you are likely to make at 40g each, which is entirely possible as I do it frequently, then you have just turned 1,000g into 2,000g off glyphs alone. This is what works for me and it is an absolute cash cow but I warn that you should test inscription on your realm and see if it is viable as it is a highly competitive market.

2. Jewelcrafting
This is still very viable even after the market crashes as long as you can get the materials for cheap. If so you can still pull out a profit margin of 30 to 80g per gem. Because of the heavy investment required it may take you two or three evenings to double your profits.

So let's say you buy 12 gems at 80g each, that's 960g. By cutting epic cuts of gems, which you can see the list of cuts I have over at my What I Sell list, you can expect an average profit of 30g if markets have crashed on your realm. When you sell those first 12 gems you will have a profit of 360 gold. Turn around and buy another 12 or more gems and rinse and repeat. Not only will you turn that 1000g into 2000g but you will easily make that profit skyrocket the more and more you can reinvest into uncut gems.

Questions for Comments
What would you do to turn 1,000g into 2,000g? Anything you would do different?

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cataclysm Stockpile List

Here is a list of materials that I am stocking up for Cataclysm.

1. Inks
I've begun stocking up various lower level inks and ink of the sea for the upcoming expansion. Once Cataclysm hits you will no longer be able to trade Ink of the Seas for lower level inks, the new Cata Ink will be the new trade ink, so stockpile now on all of these lesser inks so you can stay ahead of your competition.

2. Runecloth
I am currently stockpiling Runecloth to feed all the hungry worgen/goblin players that will want to max out their reputation. I predict that there will be a serious demand increase upon expansion launch.

3. Netherweave Bags
I've got an entire bank full of netherweave bolts plus a guild bank tab filled too. Netherweave bags are ALWAYS in demand and the demand is going to go through the roof with all the new goblins and worgens running around.

4. Pets
It's a safe investment since pets are always in demand at a steady market price plus there is a possibility that some pets or pet vendors may be removed from the game. For example, the Azure Whelpling's status is still up in the air. With the massive changes to Ashara there is a good chance this pet could be removed from the game.

So stock up on old world pets and possibly take a chance farming some rare ones that might be removed.

5. Enchanting Scrolls for BoA enchants
I am stocking up on various scrolls for BoA enchants. There will be a big rise in demand for these enchants with all the alts being created.

6. Eternal Belt Buckles
I haven't heard of anyone yet talking about stocking up on these. Right now there hasn't been any new info on an updated version but I can't really think of what the updated version could do but add 2 sockets instead of 1? Either way there should still be a rise in demand for these buckles.

7. Cobalt/Saronite Ore
There will be some pretty good demand from players leveling blacksmithing, alchemy, or engineering that will need ore. Plus you can always prospect the ore and get uncommon gems to cut. There will be plenty of players willing to blow their gold on gems for every new piece of gear they get leveling to 85.

I've thought about considering stockpiling on various lower level ores, leathers, and herbs for leveling purposes. I can only assume that all of these new characters will be wanting to level new professions and buying up the materials to level these professions quickly. I think I will have to do some inventory management to figure out where to put anymore stuff at!

Questions for Comments
What are you stockpiling for Cataclysm? Anything in my list that you don't agree with?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trade Chat LFW?

I had read some various opinions on using trade channel for additional work or revenue. Using it to find some extra business by responding to various players looking for said service is a great way to get some extra gold to come in. But the method of dispute is posting in trade channel with a link to your profession asking for business.

In a post last January over at Cold's Gold Factory, Shouting In Trade Channel, Cold discusses why it may not be wise to shout in trade with your auction house postings or posting profession links looking for additional work. He brings up a great issue that you are alerting your competition that you are online and that they will be more likely to wait for you to logoff and undercut your postings. I think that serious gold makers will already have you on their friend's list so they know when you logoff plus I think it's a double edged sword. The same thing occurs when you are posting in trade channel looking for buy cheap materials. You are limited by how much cheap materials you can buy from the auction house so you have no choice but to look to trade channel, especially if your sources of farmers run dry.

I think that you must have your competition on your friends list but also you will need to do postings in chat for both additional work and materials. I know two players on my realm that I have befriended, yes they are competition but we have an understanding, that post daily in chat for work. I think it is a huge revenue source that anyone could be missing out on. For example, most gems that I cut for players I receive back a 10 to 20 gold tip. Heck in most gem markets you are only making a 20 to 30g profit. In my opinion I think that you may want to stop all of your trade chat postings and hour to 3o minutes before you logoff for the evening so you have time to check all of your postings for undercuts.

Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pack Rats

It amazes me how much people collect for the sake of just having stupid shit. No, No, it's great to show off your guild bank full of enchanting mats...that you will never use. I see all the time other players showing off their stockpiles but yet they don't have anywhere near the liquid gold they should for maintaining a stockpile of such size.

I guess there is some glory behind just having 9000 inks in your bank. I've seen on other websites players showing off screenshots of their massive stockpiles. Who gives a shit? Seriously. Talk about the mechanics behind gold making not your damn e-peen. Especially for those that claim to be serious at making gold.

The issue is that you end up buying more than what you would ever need to meet a certain demand and normally for some markets you would never even have the opportunity to buy that much in the first place due to scarcity in the market place, especially at the price threshold you are trying to meet. The other issue is that, depending on the amount of time that you have to unload these mats, is if too much time occurs after your initial purchase then markets could crash or slowly decrease in value which in turn devalues your entire assets. If this happens are you even making a profit? You might even be lucky to just break even.

Depending on the market you can have some really high demand periods where it just doesn't seem like you have enough materials ever to meet that demand. Which is great! You buy up as much as you possibly can to create a good stockpile to meet it. But guess what? It isn't going to last forever. There will be a downturn in the market. Think of this. You end up buying a massive stockpile of epic uncut gems, let's say you invest 40 to 60 grand in gems at 80 to 90 gold per gem. Everything is going great but you begin getting through half of that investment and then markets fall and now there is a chance you could be taking a loss on those same investments. This is just a strategy that I would like to put in the mind of everyone. There is too much advice out there that just pounds your brain saying buy as much as possible. I'm all about having large stockpiles but there should be a limit to this business decision.

After a while you should have a pretty good feel for your realm's economics but even having a grasp on that you can see some bizarre swings in markets.

Questions for Comments
How large of a stockpile do you maintain? Do you have a limit? Have you ever had a bad buying experience with market crash?

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Inscription Monster

Oh what a horrible monster it is! A bloating profession that acts as the blob as it infests your bank space, time, and your brain! It forces you into a catch 22 where you are damned by the amount of time you spend milling, making inks, crafting glyphs, and posting/cancelling on the auction house but you are also damned by the amount of gold you are making.

What Monster?
I think out of all the professions this was the one professions Blizzard screwed up. When I say screw up I'm not talking about the functionality of the glyphs, I'm talking about the entire process of the profession from a crafting/management perception. All other professions you can manage fairly easy on your own without the need of addons. Sure they may take a little bit more time but no where near the time you would spend manually running an inscription business. I think there could have been some more automation built into the profession to help players not only manage everything but to speed up some of the processes. It seems that I can spend an hour pulling mail out of my mail box, posting new auctions, milling herbs, crafting inks, and crafting new glyphs. I'm spending this much time even with addons to help streamline the process.

I think the other side of the coin is addons that streamline the process have forced everyone to use them. The players that don't use them are forced into it, even if they don't like using addons, just so they can catch up to their competition.

Monster + Frustration = Profit
Even though inscription can be a major pain in the ass it can bring in some serious bling. You can easily make 4k to 10k a week with inscription, all depending on how often you post. That is a sizable chunk of change to add to your gold pile every week. I for one am not going to be missing out on this. I really hope that with the new glyph system comes some upgrades to how the milling/crafting process is handled. I'm sure there won't be but I can always hope.

Questions for Comments
Do you run a inscription business? Did you just say screw it? Inscription isn't worth my time or have you found a better way to streamline it and reduce the amount of time you are investing into it daily?

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Night Posting - Big Sales

The Competition
If you're like myself, a casual player, then there are going to be times that you just can't be online watching your auctions ensuring the auction house campers aren't undercutting you every 5 minutes. If you are able to post late or at least right before you go to bed you will have much better luck at getting more sales. There will still be demand for your items over night but you will face much less competition.

Who's Sleeping?
Every night I make one final posting on all of my characters, normally between 11:30 & midnight. Every morning I wake up, load up the armory on my iphone and check my sales. I will have tons of sales every morning! Much more sales than what I would have just posting during the afternoon to evening hours going against all the competition.

For example, two nights ago I woke up and sold 33 epic gems. That was over 4k sitting in my mailbox on just one character. I have found that the most competitive market is inscription and this method works the best with my scribe. I usually get undercut on all my glyphs within 15 minutes so it's a narrow window of time to even get any sales but posting late at night I will have huge sales. All of my items will sit on the auction house all night while facing much less competition.

What time have you found to be the best for posting?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Knowledge is Power

We take risks with every deal on the auction house game. No where near the risks we take financially in real life, we will still have food in our mouths for our WoW business mistakes. By risks I think that we all want to be creative with our businesses. Try to be unique in our ability to come up with new ideas in gold making. For example, Markco discussed making glyph kits to sell to players is a perfect example of such creativity. I've had several ideas that I've tested and they either worked or didn't. Some really bombed and I took a loss. Some were a success, like my arena team leveling and flipping idea. It really did work!

All of the other gold gurus and myself share with you ideas for you to test. They may end up being very server dependent, they may require some tweaking for them to work for you, or maybe they just won't work for you. But these are ideas you must test and try for yourself. If you are able to find what works for you and stick with it you will make a ton of gold.

Finding the Right Info
I am assuming most of you come to my blog or others with the same mentality, "I never could make or keep gold and I'm done being broke." This is what happened to me before I finally said enough was enough. I always thought it was some type of grand secret to have tons of gold. How were all these other players on my realm affording the expensive mounts, vanity items, and best BoE gear? We're they just buying gold, which I'm sure some were, or were they hacking the game? That's how oblivious I was over the years of playing WoW. I some how found Stockpile's blog, prior to him closing up shop, and that is where I began learning the basics of gold making.

Finding a System
I was able to create my own system that works. I found using multiple professions and stockpiling materials was one of the biggest keys to making tons of gold. I had never really used my professions in the past to make gold as I normally just had them for making upgrades for my characters. I was always a one dimensional farmer and guy who did several dailies to make gold. Getting 5k for my epic flying was a complete struggle and couldn't wait for it to be over. I was always sitting at 100 to 800 gold at any given time.

The Power
I tried many of the ideas Stock Pile was implementing and in the beginning I had some mixed results. Some were just knock out strategies that flat out worked. I began figuring out how to use addons, dealing with goblins, and fighting off competition. In no time I had 5k gold and it was painless and fun. That first 5k took me a couple weeks or more to obtain but once I had the knowledge and experience of items on my realm the gold really started pouring in. Since then I have been making profits of 10k+ a week on my best weeks and at least 5k on my bad weeks. I've been able to pull off those numbers all while being a casual player. There are some non-casual gold gurus out there that pull in 20 to 50 grand a week!

Having this kind of knowledge is truly powerful. You will have something very few people on your realm will know how to do. So try out the ideas you hear from myself and from other gold bloggers. Test these ideas out for yourself and find out if they work or not. Don't be discouraged if something doesn't work for you or on your realm. There is always plenty of other ways to make gold and serious gold making can be done on ANY realm.

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Update 8-24

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Real Life
Well I think I made it through the week of hell at work so that's a huge relief. Now I can find some more time to work on gold making. I did take 4 days off this week from WoW, I didn't log in at all. Not even to post auctions. I just needed a breather to hang out with my girlfriend and friends.

WoW Life
I invested heavily this week, for the little time I played, into uncut epic gems. Found a player who sold me 120 cardinal rubies for 80g each. That gave me a really nice profit margin to work with, 20 to 50g depending on the cut. I also found some good deals on king's amber, finally! The last three weeks have been the very difficult to maintain a stock on king's ambers.

Inscription is still, well, amazing. I keep on learning more and more glyphs and I keep on making more gold. Since I've been selling rituals of the new moon on top of my off hand tomes, I am making sick amounts of gold. It has been roughly a month since I started my inscription business on my DK, since then that character has gone for 120g to 20k+. That is pretty impressive considering these conditions, I play casually, I can't keep up with all the undercutting, and I have no where near all the glyphs even now.

Can't say anything new about tailoring, just keep on making those netherweave bags and keep a snatch list for cloth. I've seen a drop in cloth prices as of this last week so I have been able to increase my profit margins. I sold 200+ bags before I took a break this weekend.

Here's the total sales,
Jewelcrafting - 4,500g
Inscription - 3,500g
Enchanting - 800g
Tailoring - 2000g
Alchemy - 700g

Total Liquid: 72,065
Total Invested: 35,000
Total Assets: 107,065

My liquid gold dropped from last week but that is due to investing 15k into uncut gems. Still a good week considering I took 4 days off from WoW. Would have been nice to seen what I would have made if I logged in those days. I did reach 80k liquid before making my investments.

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Always Auto Disenchant

This is an issue that I even caught myself doing. I auto disenchant everything while running random heroics. Since LFD came out there has been a drastic drop in prices of enchanting materials. There is always plenty of supply on the auction house nowadays.

Due to this price drop have you ever thought that maybe you might get more just by selling the item? Think of this, you may have a chance of disenchanting an uncommon item and only receiving two or three infinite dust. That same green may sell for much more than those two or three dusts. Unless it's an item that has a high chance of breaking into an greater essence it might just not be worth it.

Pay attention to vendor sales as you may make a higher profit. Even some epic weapons will sell for much more than an abyss crystal. You can look at some of the epics that drop in H ToC that fall into this category.

Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye Auction House Campers

Ahhh, yes. It's that time of the year. Goodbye to all those asshole auction house campers. If you're one of these, no offense but it still aggravates someone like myself who is a casual player. Yet it's still part of the game and I'm fine with that. But I can still have my choice words =p

So June 1st hits and all of the sudden it became more difficult to get sales in any market. I immediately noticed auction house campers that had been nonexistent up until that point. Day after day I have been constantly reposting every hour just to keep up. But now that is all gone. High School and College has started back up again and those that had no life are back in productive society. Forced into a life of books, lectures, and heavy binge drinking. Those were the days.

Trade chat is now, well just trade chat, at least during the day. Instead of the constant trolling and insecure children looking for attention by posting anal jokes or linking legendaries. I'm glad things have gotten back to normal.

How has auction house campers affected your gold making this summer? Have you already seen a drop this last week in AH campers? I sure have =D

Thanks for checking in!

Friday, August 20, 2010

WoWProspector.com - Prospecting Made Easy

Found this website last month, it was posted by WoW.com, it is a site that allows you to make a ton of gold. Just like the rich Ukrainian in the recent DirecTV commercials. You could even be pointing to your own gold bust of yourself!

WoWProspector.com is a website that calculates a close estimate of how much gold you can make off prospecting a stack of ore. It's much easier than working through spreadsheets to figure out if you can make a profit on your realm.

It uses WoW Amory Auction House data to continually update each realm's prices on ore and items you would normally receive from prospecting gems. Now I've noticed that sometimes prices are not immediately updated but are fairly recent. If they are not accurate then you can adjust prices for items on your realm and it will recalculate with that data.

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up to 2,100G/Per Hour Farming The Underbog

This is a farming method that has a high gold per hour potential. It is recommended that you do this with either a tank or plate class to farm. Other classes can farm it but it may take longer to clear The Underbog.

What we are looking to farm is Sanguine Hibiscus, these are flowers that can be picked by anyone plus they drop off mobs in the instance. The flowers can then be turned into The Sporeggar for reputation.

One run takes 9 to 10 minutes and I can pull around 25 to 35 Sanguine Hibiscus in that time. So just by low balling it let's say at a minimum you can pull 150 of these flowers in an hour. The average price per Hibiscus is 5g each. Depending on your competition, if there is even any, you can sell these for 10g each. 150 x 5g = 750g per hour at the lowest variables or 210 x 10g = 2100g on the high end. So there is a lot of opportunity and you may have to at least test this on your realm to see if it is worth it.

If you're curious, players want this rep so they can obtain a Tiny Sporebat pet from the Sporeggar.

Here is the rep breakdown,
39000 (Rep Needed) / 750 (Rep Awarded) = 52 (Quest Turn-Ins)
52 (Quest Turn-Ins) x 5 (Sanguine Hibiscus) = 260 Total (Sanguine Hibiscus Required)

So you need a grand total of 260 Hibiscus to get exalted with Sporeggar. If you have little luck on the auction house you can advertise in trade, saying that you are selling 260 hibiscus so players can get their Tiny Sporebat.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Gold Trading Heavy Borean Leather for Arctic Fur

This is a simple way to make gold whether or not you're a leatherworker. If you are a leatherworker you have an advantage of being able to convert Borean Leather into Heavy Borean Leather.

So typically you can buy a stack of Heavy Borean Leather for 80g and trade that stack in for 2 Arctic Furs. The Arctic Furs normally sell for around 60g. So you have just made a profit of 40g off one stack of leather! (Note: 10 Heavy Borean Leather can be traded for 1 Arctic Fur in Dalaran from Braeg Stoutbeard)

Now this all depends on your realm's prices and how much demand there is for Arctic Fur. It should be easy gold if there is a steady supply of Heavy Borean Leather.

Note: I write my posts a week or two ahead of time, just like Markco, and wanted to point out that Markco posted this method just the other day on Just My Two Copper.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Update 8-17

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Real Life,
This is the worst time of the year for me at my job. I've been working 12 hour days and I've been working on the weekends. I keep on telling myself to think about the money instead of the job, lol. A couple more weeks of this bullshit and it will be over. Again, sorry to all of you with the error I had in my post the other day. Shows how tired I have been of late.

Any who, I've been making a complete killing in Inscription and I still do not have all the glyphs yet. I so wish I was doing this sooner, there may be a lot of competition but all I have to do is post in the evenings a few times and I will always get plenty of sales. Two nights ago I raked in 2.5k in one night just off inscription. There is just ridiculous profit margins, 2g cost per glyph to an upward profit of 60g each! Count me in!

Jewelcrafting has been stuck in a Tropical Storm that can't decide whether or not it wants to take a huge dump. Each day there has been huge swings in prices and supplies of raw uncut gems have been very limited. Which I think is odd since there should be more and more players blowing their honor for gems.

I was able to sell quite a bit in tailoring this week as bags really picked up steam. I couldn't sell enough of them. Vanity pets are non existent as far as sales, I've never had a week where I couldn't sell even one pet! I'm not sure what happened but I am not happy about it.

Here's the total sales,
Jewelcrafting - 4,100g
Inscription - 5,000g
Enchanting - 1,200g
Tailoring - 900g
Alchemy - 800g

Total Liquid - 76,612
Total Invested - 23,800g
Total Assets - 100,412

So total profits where around 8k this week, which wasn't great but not bad considering I have literally zero time to play due to work. It's going to be like this the next couple of weeks till things calm down. Hopefully then I can really make a serious push towards gold cap, but I am also looking forward to breaking 100k liquid very soon.

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ninjas & Pirates!

Players pay big bucks to turn into ninjas and pirates, especially while raiding. Anything to make a boring run any more interesting. Now this isn't the easiest way to make gold, at least in the beginning, but farming for the cooking plan to make Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight can be worth it in the long run. It's a completely random drop in the Barrens but there is a good place that you can farm for it. The harpies in the very northwestern part of the Barrens. What's great about this location is there is a ton of harpies and they have a really fast respawn rate. So you usually always have something to kill. You can expect to farm for a long time before this cooking plan ever drops. Maybe 200 to 500 kills even.

The fish needed for this plan, Deviate Fish, can be found in any pools in Wailing Caverns or the oasis outside of the cavern. You only need a fishing level of 1 to fish for these but I recommend at least getting to a skill of 50 and use some bait so you can avoid getting some fails.

If you plan on trying to farm these fish expect to catch 40 to 50 an hour. The Savory Deviate Delights go for around 100 gold a stack so you would only pull in 200 to 250g per hour which isn't that great. But on the other hand if you have farmed the cooking plan you can make some serious gold.

Create a snatch list and look for any Deviate Fish that sell for under 4g each, or 80g per stack. Buy these up and cook them into Savory Deviate Delights. You will turn a profit of 20g per stack! Possibly up to 40g profit per stack depending on how low you can get the fish for.

BTW, I still like Ninjas over Pirates. =]

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rituals of the New Moon for easy gold.

Stat wise Rituals of the New Moon is a horrible off hand but that's not why it sells. It has the ability to transform yourself into a giant wolf. I'm no twilight fan but I am a fan of making gold off twilight fanatics.

First off you need to obtain the plans to make it, Technique: Rituals of the New Moon, which is a BoP drop off of some NPCs in Grizzly Hills. Head over to Silverbrook Village and farm Silver Brook Villagers and Trappers as they have the highest drop rate for this technique. You must be a scribe to get this to drop. It shouldn't take too long for it to drop, 10 minutes at the most. I got mine on the fifth mob I killed.

Materials required to make this off hand are Ink of the Sea (5), Resilient Parchment (10), & Eternal Shadow (3). Total cost of these mats should be 30 to 50g. You can sell these off hands for around 150g and possible up to 300g if you are the only one selling them on your realm. It may be best to advertise these off hands in trade chat talking about how you can transform into a wolf.

Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nightmare Tears

A great way to make extra gold once you have purchased all of your jewelcrafting cuts is begin using your Dalaran JC tokens to buy Dragon's Eyes. Dragon Eye's cost 1 token and you also need 5 infinite dust to craft the Nightmare Tear.

It's an additional 100 to 150 gold per day. Of course you should still be able to make a good profit just buying Dragon's Eyes and infinite dust for a 20 to 50g profit by making the cuts.

Thanks for checking in!

EDIT: Thank you all for finding my mistake. This was wrote late at night after working 12 hours and I could barely keep my eyes open. 0.o

Friday, August 13, 2010

Flipping Arena Teams

Short post today but I wanted to discuss an idea that I had posted a while back. Selling Arena Teams. http://blingingwow.blogspot.com/2010/06/selling-arena-teams.html

My friend and I had been leveling teams and selling them. But I have had some success flipping teams as well. I've had players who are casual or never play arena but had a team at one point sell me their teams at cost. These teams are always at least at 1k rating.

Flipping these teams do take patience. You must be ready to expect that it may take up to 2 weeks to find a buyer. But by posting in trade chat, "WTS 2v2 team, 1k rating, taking offers PST" You will be surprised at how many players actually will pay 500 to 1000 gold for a team to avoid the hours just trying to get it above a 1k rating.

It doesn't hurt to ask someone who is selling a team in chat, they may just be looking for a 100g, so that would be an easy profit margin to flip.

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Many Hunters...So Much Hate

I've been using the single ammo sale method of late that I learned from Markco and Cold talked about last week. If you haven't been doing this you buy a stack of shatter rounds or iceblade arrows and then turn around and start posting a few singles at a time for the same price as a full stack.

I have never not gotten a sale from doing this in a given posting period. There is so many hunters that will blindly just buy what ever is the lowest price in the auction house listing. Just to protect yourself I recommend only posting a few ammo at a time, 5 to 10.

Over the time I have been doing this I usually get whispered everyday by hunters doing plenty of name calling. Even some new terms I hadn't heard of =D. I even do the posting on my mains, I really don't care. I'm in a popular raiding guild that my friends run so no worries on what people think of me.

Just remember, It's not a scam. You're taking advantage of morons who can't read.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Key's To Getting Rich

1. Maximizing Professions
The more professions you have, then the more opportunities you have to make gold. You need to protect yourself by diversifying your investments. If one market tanks it doesn't matter! Because you are making tons of gold in other markets.

2. Vendor Dos & Don'ts
I surprised my self a long time ago at how much I was just vendoring. "Oh! I got all these greens from this 5 man, I'll sell these all for gold!" Yeah, that was me. Then I wised up. I started selling some of those greens on the auction house for bigger profits, disenchanting them for materials, and selling various meats I had gathered in my journeys. By doing so you are maximizing your profits by making much more than just selling them to vendor.

3. Stock Piling
This is a big part of any gold making business. You can never have enough materials to craft goods. You always want to be cranking out items to sell because if you run out then you have just slowed your gold making progress. By having a limited supply to work with you have just created scarcity in your business and will seriously take a hit at your gold per hour. Even if you think you have plenty of supply, buy more if it meets your price threshold.

4. Flipping Items on the Auction House
By using an addon like Auctioneer you can do scans on the auction house for items that are selling well below market value. There is plenty of players that post items for much less than what they should be selling for. Whether it's a trade good or it's a BoE epic, you can always find deals on the auction house. Buy up these cheap deals and repost them for big profits!

5. Competition
Learn to deal with your competition. You will need to develop strategies to limit your competition's supply and make friends with farmers so you can obtain your supplies for much less than your competitors. It allows you to win undercutting wars much easier since you will have a larger profit margin to work with. This goes in hand with building a stock pile as well.

6. Addons
Although they are not must have to make gold they can streamline your entire gold making business. It's all about working smarter not harder. Addons like Auctioneer, Auctionator, Quick Auctions 3, Postal Mail Mod, Skillet, & LiL'Sparky's Workshop can help make your life much easier when it comes to managing your business.

Which gold making step do you think is the most important?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekly Update 8-10

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

This week has been hell with real life. I'm stressed out and have been working my ass off. I'm an I.T. director for a mid sized school district and this time of the year is rough with all the stuff going on for the start of school, a lot of late nights and working weekends. So my time for playing wow is going to be very limited the next 4 weeks.

Jewelcrafting - 3,200g
Inscription - 4,100g
Alchemy - 1,200g
Tailoring - 900g
Enchanting - 800g

Jewelcrafting demand has really dropped which has forced lower than expected sales. Inscription has been great and I am still no where near obtaining every glyph yet, 158 glyphs still not trained for. I'm buying up 4-5 mastery books per day but it is still going to take a while.

You should notice that sales were very low and somethings aren't even listed. As I stated above I played WoW the least that I have played it in six months this week due to work.

Total Liquid: 68,812g
Total Invested: 26,000g
Total Assets: 94,812

I spent a couple grand on upgrading pvp gear for my two 80s, trying to switch my priest over to shadow for arena.

What I Sell List Updated!
Check out the new list here, What I Sell
I've added several of the enchants that I am currently selling, inscription, and more jewelcrafting cuts.

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Leatrix Lag Reducer

Here is an addon that I found on WoW Interface that will reduce your latency in WoW.

Leatrix Latency Fix
Here is a description of the addon on the site,
"Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a script which will modify TCPAckFrequency.

You will see reduced latency in many online games including World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and more."

My latency went from 200 to 300ms, to 60 to 120ms now! This will stop some of the lag you might experience looting your mailbox or posting items on the auction house. Plus it's great if you're an arena player like myself.

It works on Windows XP, Vista, & 7. It's an easy install and it comes with an uninstaller just in case you experience issues with it.

Here is the link, Leatrix Latency Fix

Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disenchanting 59 - 69 Uncommon Greens

This is a great method to make easy gold. What we are looking to do is disenchant low cost greens so we can obtain arcane dust and greater planar essences. These items are still very much in demand, dust sells for 2 to 4 gold each and the essences sell for 9 to 15 gold each.

Go to your auction house and follow these steps,
Select Rarity Uncommon -> Level Range 59 - 69 -> Select Armor Category -> Search

Begin looking through all the greens and look for ones that sell for 3g or less. If they have a minimum bid under 3 gold go ahead and bid on it.

For example, this morning I bought Consortium Bracer of the Sorcerer for 3g. I disenchanted it and received a greater planar essence. Immediately posted it for 12g. Pretty much an 8 gold profit for very little time invested.

Some days you will find tons of greens and other days you will barely find any at that price threshold. But it doesn't hurt to look everyday for a chance at some easy gold.

Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Starting from Scratch - Week 3

This is a weekly series where I detail my gold making adventures of my new alt warlock while I level to 80. It's a project that I am doing not only for myself but also for all of you to see how much gold can be made while leveling. I will receive no financial support from my other characters. The only support he has is three BoA items chest, shoulders, & staff. This will be a learning experience for me as well! Armory Link Here

Took a week off from leveling this guy, it's been difficult to find time to play this alt. I reached level 24 and I am now questing in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Here is the breakdown of what I sold this week,
mail raiders shoulders - 4g 76s
light hide - 5s
shadow gem - 2g 74s
small lusturous perl - 2g 5s
tigerseye - 58s
copper ore stacks x3 - 11g 41s (34g 23s)
silver bar - 1g 91s
wool cloth - 15g 21s
lesser moonstone - 1g 90s
green leather boots - 97s
silver bar x2 - 3g 90s (7g 8s)
tin ore - 14g 96s
linen cloth - 19g
jade - 2g 62s

Total Sales - 108g 78s

Total Gold - 367g 57s

Should have done much better for 4 levels but I had a lot of items that didn't sell and I didn't commit the time to keep reposting them. I also made my first screw up in my gold making business...I picked up Feet of the Lynx a BoE blue that is a hot item for twinks. I went to sell it for 99g and ended up posting it for 99s on accident. My fault for posting items at 1am when I was about to fall asleep. Oh well, I will make up for that later. Just shows, we all make mistakes.

I also found an npc, Kris Legace, who is sort of hiding behind a ledge in Durnholde Keep in Hillsbrad Foothills. She sells a limited supply of 6 different uncommon leather items. I have picked these up but have not sold them yet on the auction house. They are cheap so I am trying to flip them for 4 to 5g each.

Thanks for checking in!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Gold Making Machine

Well it's been a fun journey so far. A little over three months ago I started my personal quest to obtain the gold cap. I figured I would try to do something that really no one, excluding one person who is close to it, has done on my realm. I always wondered when I first started how some of the other gurus were just raking in huge amounts of gold every week. When I first started I reached 20k after a month and a half, playing casually of course. What was limiting me early was that I wasn't stockpiling materials, wasn't using addons effectively, and I was banking on only one profession, jewelcrafting. So it does show you how much gold jewelcrafting and AH flipping can bring in a month's time.

Once I started working on all the other professions I really started making a killing. I got tailoring started up, then enchanting, next was alchemy, and last was inscription. As each one of these new businesses were created I was boosting my gold per hour every week. I have reached a point now where I am pulling in 10k to 12k a week. These were the staggering numbers that I was looking for. Granted in the past I had a mega weekend just off jewelcrafting where I raked in 20k, but those are rare and they come and go. I do not have a leather worker nor do I have an engineer. I don't think I will level those professions till cataclysm since it just seems late to get into them with the expansion on the horizon. I have reached 60k gold just two nights ago!

But I must preach that if you want to be successful at making tons of gold you must maximize your professions, especially the lucrative ones, streamline your crafting and posting processes, stockpile materials as you can never have enough, and find any other opportunity that you can turn an easy profit. Maximizing the amount of revenue streams you have coming in are the key to making tons of gold.

There is no hidden secret to gold making, there is no overnight get rich scheme, nor the dumb risk of buying gold. There is no reason why anyone can't make tons of gold, even on low pop realms, in the matter of a couple months. If I wasn't a casual player I would easily have 100k plus if not near gold cap.

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Auction House Reseller - No Investment

This is an old practice that I haven't done in quite some time but it is very profitable. Have you ever thought about reselling items on the auction house? You're probably thinking, "Hell yeah, I do it all the time." I'm not talking about flipping...I'm talking about reselling without the investment. Sounds crazy right?

Here's what you do. Look on the auction house for a BoE epic that is usually an item in demand. If you can find one for a reasonable price, say one that is selling less than market value but still isn't worth your time to flip due to AH fees and cuts, then start advertising this epic item in trade chat. Post it for 500 to 1000g higher in trade chat or close to actual market value. When you finally get someone to whisper you wanting to buy, run to the auction house and buy the item. Then turn around and resell it to the player that just whispered you.

You have just made a handsome profit selling something that you didn't have to tie up capital into. On top of that you have successfully avoided auction house fees and cuts. I like to do this while I'm posting or crafting items.

I know, this is great right? You will be patting yourself on the back in no time with this method. =] There is so many players that will not check the auction house first, they just want their shiny new epic. This does work and there is NO Risk.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Essence of Air Farming - Twink Enchants

There is three twink enchants that require Essence of Air for the chants. (2H Weapon Agility, Weapon Agility, & Weapon Icy Chill) A great place to farm these essences are in Northwestern Silithus. There is Whirling Invaders and Dust Stormers that drop Essence of Air in this area. What you are really hoping to bank on is an elemental invasion. If this happens there will be many mobs that you can farm and easily be able to pull in 40 to 60 essences an hour. Another tip is you can park an alt at this location and see if there is an invasion occurring before heading there to farm.

Once you have finished farming you will want to end the invasion so you can limit your competition on the auction house. To do this you will need to kill the mob Windreaver, make sure to kill this mob last.

If you are not an enchanter you can sell the essences for anywhere from 15 to 40g depending on your realm's price. If you can farm 60 in an hour that's 900g profit if they all sell for 15g or 2400g profit if your realm sells them for 40g!

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekly Update 8-3

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Jewelcrafting - 4,000g
Inscription - 3,000g
Alchemy - 1,900g
Tailoring - 1,200g
AH Flipping - 700g
Vanity Pets - 200g
(Did not touch enchanting this week, again, but I do plan on spending time taking Markco's advice and getting old world enchants.)

Around 3/4 of the jewelcrafting markets crashed this week on my realm causing very weak profit margins as you can tell in the 2k drop in profits this week compared to last.

Inscription has been a great money maker now since I have obtained several more new glyphs. I am usually posting around 5 to 6 times a day with the competition I'm going against. I thought 3k gold was really good since I didn't log into WoW at all last weekend.

Alchemy has been easy money as it should be, doing daily transmutes and transferring the gems to my jewelcrafter. I've also kept up on transmuting chaotic skyflares and selling those for a big profit.

Total Liquid: 62,088g
Total Invested: 29,000g
Total Assets: 91,088g

I invested a ton in building up a stock pile of herbs for inscription, still stocking up netherweave cloth for cataclysm, and I have several grand invested in gems. I've been buying up a ton of eternal fire and life as prices have bottomed out. This usually happens every 3 weeks and I end up buying the entire auction house supply. In a couple of weeks prices will return to normal and I will make a handsome profit. =]

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Primal Mights - Alchemy

An old BC xmute but still a very profitable one. Primal Might's are still in demand because enchanters need it to create a Runed Adamantite Rod and Alchemists need it to just do the quest to become a transmute specialist.

On my realm a Primal Might sells for 200g and should be around that price on most realms according to other realm data I have viewed. These are the primals you need for the xmute, Primal Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Mana. Now some of the time you can pick these up for cheap on the auction house, I recommend using a snatch list just to check. If you can get these for 10g or less that's a steal! You are banking on people leveling new characters who collect these and sell them on the auction house. They usually have no clue what they are really worth.

On my realm there are people who do farm these because they know there is still a demand and will try to sell them for 30 to 40g each. If you have this situation on your realm and can't find any for cheap you can also go the farming route. All the primals except, mana, can be farmed in Nagrand at the Throne of the Elements. You should be able to farm 8 to 10 primals each within an hour. You will need to farm mana wraiths near Area 52 in Netherstorm. Mana wraiths have the best drop rate on motes of mana.

Thanks for checking in!

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