Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disenchanting 59 - 69 Uncommon Greens

This is a great method to make easy gold. What we are looking to do is disenchant low cost greens so we can obtain arcane dust and greater planar essences. These items are still very much in demand, dust sells for 2 to 4 gold each and the essences sell for 9 to 15 gold each.

Go to your auction house and follow these steps,
Select Rarity Uncommon -> Level Range 59 - 69 -> Select Armor Category -> Search

Begin looking through all the greens and look for ones that sell for 3g or less. If they have a minimum bid under 3 gold go ahead and bid on it.

For example, this morning I bought Consortium Bracer of the Sorcerer for 3g. I disenchanted it and received a greater planar essence. Immediately posted it for 12g. Pretty much an 8 gold profit for very little time invested.

Some days you will find tons of greens and other days you will barely find any at that price threshold. But it doesn't hurt to look everyday for a chance at some easy gold.

Thanks for checking in!


Worker said...

I've done something similiar with vision dust wich goes for 5g each on my server. I'll surely check this out! Thanks for it man:)

NakedJay said...

@ Worker,
You might be interested in looking at another post I made a couple months ago. It involves disenchanting 51-55 green weapons.

Check it out here,
Farming Stratholme as an Enchanter

At the end of the post has the method of disenchanting those other greens off the auction house.

worker said...

Cool jay:) I'll check it out:P And i like your new design:D
-Worker -

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's worth hanging on to these mats for Cata?

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