Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Always Auto Disenchant

This is an issue that I even caught myself doing. I auto disenchant everything while running random heroics. Since LFD came out there has been a drastic drop in prices of enchanting materials. There is always plenty of supply on the auction house nowadays.

Due to this price drop have you ever thought that maybe you might get more just by selling the item? Think of this, you may have a chance of disenchanting an uncommon item and only receiving two or three infinite dust. That same green may sell for much more than those two or three dusts. Unless it's an item that has a high chance of breaking into an greater essence it might just not be worth it.

Pay attention to vendor sales as you may make a higher profit. Even some epic weapons will sell for much more than an abyss crystal. You can look at some of the epics that drop in H ToC that fall into this category.

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Charlie said...

I always auto-disenchant greens and epics, but I take a second look at blues. The epics always vendor for less than what an abyss crystal costs on my server, and so do greens. The blues, however, can vary depending on the slot. Usually, for chest, helm, shoulders, legs, weapon and trinket, they vendor for more than the price of a dream shard. The others usually vendor for less, so I have them disenchanted. I always run out of WotLK enchanting mats for selling scrolls, so I try to stock up on cheap mats when I can.

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