Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye Auction House Campers

Ahhh, yes. It's that time of the year. Goodbye to all those asshole auction house campers. If you're one of these, no offense but it still aggravates someone like myself who is a casual player. Yet it's still part of the game and I'm fine with that. But I can still have my choice words =p

So June 1st hits and all of the sudden it became more difficult to get sales in any market. I immediately noticed auction house campers that had been nonexistent up until that point. Day after day I have been constantly reposting every hour just to keep up. But now that is all gone. High School and College has started back up again and those that had no life are back in productive society. Forced into a life of books, lectures, and heavy binge drinking. Those were the days.

Trade chat is now, well just trade chat, at least during the day. Instead of the constant trolling and insecure children looking for attention by posting anal jokes or linking legendaries. I'm glad things have gotten back to normal.

How has auction house campers affected your gold making this summer? Have you already seen a drop this last week in AH campers? I sure have =D

Thanks for checking in!


Cold said...

"Day after day I have been constantly reposting every hour just to keep up."

Hrm...smells like your a camper too!

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
Ha! Nah I don't have time for that. Usually it's post constantly during the evening for the 3 hours I am on. But this summer I had to start posting before I went to work, lunch break, etc.

Leper Gnome said...

It honestly feels for me too that if you don't camp the AH a couple hours a day that it is very hard to get things to sell. There is nothing left for most people to do on my server but make gold for Cataclysm.

sykez said...

I started my mission for gold cap during summer so I hadn't thought about the fact that the people off school and college would be camping and they were the ones undercutting 15 seconds after I post.
Nice post, made me realise there may be different times coming

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