Friday, August 27, 2010

The Inscription Monster

Oh what a horrible monster it is! A bloating profession that acts as the blob as it infests your bank space, time, and your brain! It forces you into a catch 22 where you are damned by the amount of time you spend milling, making inks, crafting glyphs, and posting/cancelling on the auction house but you are also damned by the amount of gold you are making.

What Monster?
I think out of all the professions this was the one professions Blizzard screwed up. When I say screw up I'm not talking about the functionality of the glyphs, I'm talking about the entire process of the profession from a crafting/management perception. All other professions you can manage fairly easy on your own without the need of addons. Sure they may take a little bit more time but no where near the time you would spend manually running an inscription business. I think there could have been some more automation built into the profession to help players not only manage everything but to speed up some of the processes. It seems that I can spend an hour pulling mail out of my mail box, posting new auctions, milling herbs, crafting inks, and crafting new glyphs. I'm spending this much time even with addons to help streamline the process.

I think the other side of the coin is addons that streamline the process have forced everyone to use them. The players that don't use them are forced into it, even if they don't like using addons, just so they can catch up to their competition.

Monster + Frustration = Profit
Even though inscription can be a major pain in the ass it can bring in some serious bling. You can easily make 4k to 10k a week with inscription, all depending on how often you post. That is a sizable chunk of change to add to your gold pile every week. I for one am not going to be missing out on this. I really hope that with the new glyph system comes some upgrades to how the milling/crafting process is handled. I'm sure there won't be but I can always hope.

Questions for Comments
Do you run a inscription business? Did you just say screw it? Inscription isn't worth my time or have you found a better way to streamline it and reduce the amount of time you are investing into it daily?

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing these monstrous figures like "4k-10k per week" from scribes on other servers. That much gold is simply not possible on Stormrage. I'm VERY lucky to make 3-5g profit per glyph, and I can only sell maybe 20-30 glyphs per day, assuming I cancel and relist several times throughout the day.

I don't know if my competition is just way more fierce than yours or if Stormrage Alliance is just a low consumer market. We do have among the highest populations of any realm on alliance side, so it's not like there aren't buyers out there.

Inscription is DEFINITELY the first thing I'm dropping when I hit the gold cap next week(ish). The amount of gold you make per time spent is pitiful on my realm, especially compared to Jewelcrafting.

Nimrasil from WoW Tips and Tricks said...

My inscription char is only lvl 40, but has around 600 gold, made mostly with this profession. I haven't really tried to make gold with her. It was just an effect of leveling up inscription.

I almost don't do glyphs. Glyphs are too much trouble and work on our realm, so I sell ink, pigments, and vellums, and then the few glyphs I create to level up.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
Sounds like you have a few goblins on your realm. I'm on Horde Nathrezim, high pop for horde, and there is some heavy competition but there isn't many glyph walls to fight against. Undercutting is typical within 15 minutes on all of my glyphs so I try to post a few times in the evening and right before bed.

@ Nimrasil,
I understand why you would want to drop it. In the beginning I had thought of just selling inks, pigments, and vellums myself. I was a bit timid of taking on the glyph monster.

Robbie said...

I used to consider myself a decent playing in the world of Glyphs pulling in around 1/2k a day. That all stopped many months ago now.

I do just not have the time to compete with the undercutters. After around 6 months + out of the game i fired up the glyph machine a couple of weeks back and pulled in 400g max a day.

I have 20 of every glyph for the Cataclysm release but until then and after that i cannot see me posting glyphs again.

Zorlak said...

I'm into the glyph business in my realm, (uhter US) I only make inks once a week, glyphs once a week and I just post glyphs 2 times a week using QA3 ofr a 48 hour period on tuesdays afternoons and friday night. Sometimes if the selling is good I repost on sunday morning, on mondays I rinse and repeat. I make between 4 and 5 kg weekly.

The thing is that you should not mind being undercut. I make every glyph that market price is 3g+ and post 5 of each at the time, Every posting round I sell around 250 glyphs, and the prices vary from 3g to 40g (that's my fallback).

The thing with glyphs is that you don't need to repost all the time, demand is high enough, and there are so many different glyphs that you will always sell some, undercut or not.

For me the trick is:

- Post for 48 hours
- Make every glyph that is proffitable. All of them. It sucks, I know, but do it.
- Make a routine out of it, and don't make inks and glyphs on the same day, you'll hate it.
- Use addons, this can't be done manually. I use altoholic to check my stock, QA3 to post, auctioneer and LilSparkysWorkshop to know what's profitable and skillet for crafting.

tweell said...

I tried that market for a while, but am back to just vellums. My server has some serious glyph competition, and I don't use any add-ons. Yes, I was going to load Auctioneer, but the last two times I went to Curse I got an antivirus alert while downloading. Getting hacked isn't worth any add-on, and working the glyph market is all but impossible without one.

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