Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Knowledge is Power

We take risks with every deal on the auction house game. No where near the risks we take financially in real life, we will still have food in our mouths for our WoW business mistakes. By risks I think that we all want to be creative with our businesses. Try to be unique in our ability to come up with new ideas in gold making. For example, Markco discussed making glyph kits to sell to players is a perfect example of such creativity. I've had several ideas that I've tested and they either worked or didn't. Some really bombed and I took a loss. Some were a success, like my arena team leveling and flipping idea. It really did work!

All of the other gold gurus and myself share with you ideas for you to test. They may end up being very server dependent, they may require some tweaking for them to work for you, or maybe they just won't work for you. But these are ideas you must test and try for yourself. If you are able to find what works for you and stick with it you will make a ton of gold.

Finding the Right Info
I am assuming most of you come to my blog or others with the same mentality, "I never could make or keep gold and I'm done being broke." This is what happened to me before I finally said enough was enough. I always thought it was some type of grand secret to have tons of gold. How were all these other players on my realm affording the expensive mounts, vanity items, and best BoE gear? We're they just buying gold, which I'm sure some were, or were they hacking the game? That's how oblivious I was over the years of playing WoW. I some how found Stockpile's blog, prior to him closing up shop, and that is where I began learning the basics of gold making.

Finding a System
I was able to create my own system that works. I found using multiple professions and stockpiling materials was one of the biggest keys to making tons of gold. I had never really used my professions in the past to make gold as I normally just had them for making upgrades for my characters. I was always a one dimensional farmer and guy who did several dailies to make gold. Getting 5k for my epic flying was a complete struggle and couldn't wait for it to be over. I was always sitting at 100 to 800 gold at any given time.

The Power
I tried many of the ideas Stock Pile was implementing and in the beginning I had some mixed results. Some were just knock out strategies that flat out worked. I began figuring out how to use addons, dealing with goblins, and fighting off competition. In no time I had 5k gold and it was painless and fun. That first 5k took me a couple weeks or more to obtain but once I had the knowledge and experience of items on my realm the gold really started pouring in. Since then I have been making profits of 10k+ a week on my best weeks and at least 5k on my bad weeks. I've been able to pull off those numbers all while being a casual player. There are some non-casual gold gurus out there that pull in 20 to 50 grand a week!

Having this kind of knowledge is truly powerful. You will have something very few people on your realm will know how to do. So try out the ideas you hear from myself and from other gold bloggers. Test these ideas out for yourself and find out if they work or not. Don't be discouraged if something doesn't work for you or on your realm. There is always plenty of other ways to make gold and serious gold making can be done on ANY realm.

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