Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Night Posting - Big Sales

The Competition
If you're like myself, a casual player, then there are going to be times that you just can't be online watching your auctions ensuring the auction house campers aren't undercutting you every 5 minutes. If you are able to post late or at least right before you go to bed you will have much better luck at getting more sales. There will still be demand for your items over night but you will face much less competition.

Who's Sleeping?
Every night I make one final posting on all of my characters, normally between 11:30 & midnight. Every morning I wake up, load up the armory on my iphone and check my sales. I will have tons of sales every morning! Much more sales than what I would have just posting during the afternoon to evening hours going against all the competition.

For example, two nights ago I woke up and sold 33 epic gems. That was over 4k sitting in my mailbox on just one character. I have found that the most competitive market is inscription and this method works the best with my scribe. I usually get undercut on all my glyphs within 15 minutes so it's a narrow window of time to even get any sales but posting late at night I will have huge sales. All of my items will sit on the auction house all night while facing much less competition.

What time have you found to be the best for posting?


Cold said...

Totally agree here. This is what I call The Overnight Market. Best thing is in some markets, you don't even need to bge the lowest seller, becasue the overnight market will allow you to sell multiples even with someone else cheaper than you.

sykez said...

I do most of my posting at night/early in the morning when I have the time to play so I see similar results to you. Even if i post early on a reset day all my stuff will have most likely sold by the time that I log on in the evening.

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