Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Gold Trading Heavy Borean Leather for Arctic Fur

This is a simple way to make gold whether or not you're a leatherworker. If you are a leatherworker you have an advantage of being able to convert Borean Leather into Heavy Borean Leather.

So typically you can buy a stack of Heavy Borean Leather for 80g and trade that stack in for 2 Arctic Furs. The Arctic Furs normally sell for around 60g. So you have just made a profit of 40g off one stack of leather! (Note: 10 Heavy Borean Leather can be traded for 1 Arctic Fur in Dalaran from Braeg Stoutbeard)

Now this all depends on your realm's prices and how much demand there is for Arctic Fur. It should be easy gold if there is a steady supply of Heavy Borean Leather.

Note: I write my posts a week or two ahead of time, just like Markco, and wanted to point out that Markco posted this method just the other day on Just My Two Copper.


Markco said...

Ha I got you back for when I posted the primal might strategy right after you did a few weeks ago!

I can gaurantee it will keep happening to us since we both write our tips so far in advance.

For those who are bad at math but have a leatherworker, 10 heavy borean leather is the equivalent of 60 regular borean leather if you'd like to craft your own arctic furs from scratch.

NakedJay said...

Lol. Yes, I'm sure it will keep happening in the future.

Pikkle said...

I need to start writing my posts in advance. I wish I had y'alls discipline.

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