Friday, August 6, 2010

My Gold Making Machine

Well it's been a fun journey so far. A little over three months ago I started my personal quest to obtain the gold cap. I figured I would try to do something that really no one, excluding one person who is close to it, has done on my realm. I always wondered when I first started how some of the other gurus were just raking in huge amounts of gold every week. When I first started I reached 20k after a month and a half, playing casually of course. What was limiting me early was that I wasn't stockpiling materials, wasn't using addons effectively, and I was banking on only one profession, jewelcrafting. So it does show you how much gold jewelcrafting and AH flipping can bring in a month's time.

Once I started working on all the other professions I really started making a killing. I got tailoring started up, then enchanting, next was alchemy, and last was inscription. As each one of these new businesses were created I was boosting my gold per hour every week. I have reached a point now where I am pulling in 10k to 12k a week. These were the staggering numbers that I was looking for. Granted in the past I had a mega weekend just off jewelcrafting where I raked in 20k, but those are rare and they come and go. I do not have a leather worker nor do I have an engineer. I don't think I will level those professions till cataclysm since it just seems late to get into them with the expansion on the horizon. I have reached 60k gold just two nights ago!

But I must preach that if you want to be successful at making tons of gold you must maximize your professions, especially the lucrative ones, streamline your crafting and posting processes, stockpile materials as you can never have enough, and find any other opportunity that you can turn an easy profit. Maximizing the amount of revenue streams you have coming in are the key to making tons of gold.

There is no hidden secret to gold making, there is no overnight get rich scheme, nor the dumb risk of buying gold. There is no reason why anyone can't make tons of gold, even on low pop realms, in the matter of a couple months. If I wasn't a casual player I would easily have 100k plus if not near gold cap.

Thanks for checking in!


Worker said...

Cool enough Jay.
Im thinking about wich proffesion i should pick next? I currently got: Jc, 2xEnch, Tailoring. Im not really into BS so dont include that one. Nice blog btw;)
Worker -

NakedJay said...

Well you have two big money makers already and I would say that it might be too late to get into the inscription game now.

My recommendation would be a transmute alchemist. It's guaranteed gold everyday. You can make 100 to 200g every day, depending on proc, off the epic gem transmutes and you can make some nice coin transmuting meta gems as well. Plus it's easy to level.

Worker said...

Kay, i thought that i was too late to go into Inscription market too, since of the "glyph-update"

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