Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nightmare Tears

A great way to make extra gold once you have purchased all of your jewelcrafting cuts is begin using your Dalaran JC tokens to buy Dragon's Eyes. Dragon Eye's cost 1 token and you also need 5 infinite dust to craft the Nightmare Tear.

It's an additional 100 to 150 gold per day. Of course you should still be able to make a good profit just buying Dragon's Eyes and infinite dust for a 20 to 50g profit by making the cuts.

Thanks for checking in!

EDIT: Thank you all for finding my mistake. This was wrote late at night after working 12 hours and I could barely keep my eyes open. 0.o


Anonymous said...

Just a correction: The PATTERN for Nightmare Tears costs 4 tokens. Dragon's Eyes are 1 token. I've been cutting 3-5 Nightmare tears every day (I'm insane and have 5 JC characters at L80). It's a nice boost in profits over just selling the Dragon's Eyes uncut (which is still a great consistent gold maker, by the way).

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