Saturday, August 7, 2010

Starting from Scratch - Week 3

This is a weekly series where I detail my gold making adventures of my new alt warlock while I level to 80. It's a project that I am doing not only for myself but also for all of you to see how much gold can be made while leveling. I will receive no financial support from my other characters. The only support he has is three BoA items chest, shoulders, & staff. This will be a learning experience for me as well! Armory Link Here

Took a week off from leveling this guy, it's been difficult to find time to play this alt. I reached level 24 and I am now questing in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Here is the breakdown of what I sold this week,
mail raiders shoulders - 4g 76s
light hide - 5s
shadow gem - 2g 74s
small lusturous perl - 2g 5s
tigerseye - 58s
copper ore stacks x3 - 11g 41s (34g 23s)
silver bar - 1g 91s
wool cloth - 15g 21s
lesser moonstone - 1g 90s
green leather boots - 97s
silver bar x2 - 3g 90s (7g 8s)
tin ore - 14g 96s
linen cloth - 19g
jade - 2g 62s

Total Sales - 108g 78s

Total Gold - 367g 57s

Should have done much better for 4 levels but I had a lot of items that didn't sell and I didn't commit the time to keep reposting them. I also made my first screw up in my gold making business...I picked up Feet of the Lynx a BoE blue that is a hot item for twinks. I went to sell it for 99g and ended up posting it for 99s on accident. My fault for posting items at 1am when I was about to fall asleep. Oh well, I will make up for that later. Just shows, we all make mistakes.

I also found an npc, Kris Legace, who is sort of hiding behind a ledge in Durnholde Keep in Hillsbrad Foothills. She sells a limited supply of 6 different uncommon leather items. I have picked these up but have not sold them yet on the auction house. They are cheap so I am trying to flip them for 4 to 5g each.

Thanks for checking in!


Cold said...

Way to go on the Boots sale. LOL! No better than me farming 4 days for a Crimson Whelpling and then vendoring it on accident when it finally dropped. Fail!

Cold said...

Go see George Candarte, if you are Horde. He is Due East of the Keep at the N end of the Wall.
He sells the Lmt Qty (1) Pattern: Green Leather Armor, which is a great flip item. LWs make it for BSs for Green Iron Hauberk.

Thomas said...

The goblin that wanders between Tarren Mill and Southshore also got a few limited items you can flip for profit.

NakedJay said...

Thanks all for the tips, I will try this out.

@ Cold,
Thanks for sharing your mistake, makes me feel better. =]

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