Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trade Chat LFW?

I had read some various opinions on using trade channel for additional work or revenue. Using it to find some extra business by responding to various players looking for said service is a great way to get some extra gold to come in. But the method of dispute is posting in trade channel with a link to your profession asking for business.

In a post last January over at Cold's Gold Factory, Shouting In Trade Channel, Cold discusses why it may not be wise to shout in trade with your auction house postings or posting profession links looking for additional work. He brings up a great issue that you are alerting your competition that you are online and that they will be more likely to wait for you to logoff and undercut your postings. I think that serious gold makers will already have you on their friend's list so they know when you logoff plus I think it's a double edged sword. The same thing occurs when you are posting in trade channel looking for buy cheap materials. You are limited by how much cheap materials you can buy from the auction house so you have no choice but to look to trade channel, especially if your sources of farmers run dry.

I think that you must have your competition on your friends list but also you will need to do postings in chat for both additional work and materials. I know two players on my realm that I have befriended, yes they are competition but we have an understanding, that post daily in chat for work. I think it is a huge revenue source that anyone could be missing out on. For example, most gems that I cut for players I receive back a 10 to 20 gold tip. Heck in most gem markets you are only making a 20 to 30g profit. In my opinion I think that you may want to stop all of your trade chat postings and hour to 3o minutes before you logoff for the evening so you have time to check all of your postings for undercuts.

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Cold said...

Nice points Jay!

With changing markets comes changing views, but lets look at what I was saying and when I said it.

My main point was that LFW in trade chat is alright, but it may be better to privately link directly to the people LF Crafters, instead of shouting in trade like the idiot in my original post.

That also was an article stemming off of my earlier post that Working for TIPS is a BAD idea, while Working for FEEs is a GOOD approach.

Back in January when I posted that, think of the Gem Market at the time. Buy gems for 100g, cut them and sell for 250-350 Gold Each, all day every day. The Gem Market was king! People would LF a JC then try to get me to cut 4-5 gems for a 5-10g tip. Get Gone, Fool! Yeah let me cut your gems for 5g each and then see them undercut me later the same day. No thank you. Same reason I only enchant Weapons and Armor, not scrolls. I Ain't A Dummy, Boy! Go away and find another moron. Then there is always the approach, if I don't cut em for cheap someone else will. Screw that, you are part of the problem, if you are cutting for a few gold. I Only did cuts for 40g each and no price breaks for multiples. I stood my ground, people griped, but they paid none the less.

Now that the markets have crashed, cutting for fees is still a viable option, just don't do it for tips and let yourself get used and abused. In these days when profits may only be 20-30g per gem, a 25g crafting fee is what I charge. Take it or leave it.

Thats just my approach...thanks for the discussion and revisit of my old post.

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
Good points Cold,
Absolutely agree with you that back then the JC markets had amazing profit margins! I would post in chat looking for work but would post a cut fee as well. I've gotten away from the fees due to profit margins dropping so much on gems and I've gone the tip route. I rarely get the guy who tips poorly and I do I add them to my do not cut list. Sometimes I tell them, "thanks for wasting my time" That always gets a good response =]

I think it's hilarious when players try to get you to enchant to a scroll. I've had some get so mad when I've turned them down after opening a trade window.

Thanks for adding to your earlier discussion.

Cold said...

I have plenty of people that are considerate and understanding and tip well. Just those idiots that glare out at you. "Why do you even want paid for just clicking a single button?"

Because its so much more than that! Go level yourself another character and get his skill to max, grind out the reputation to exhaulted, then ask youself if it costs you more than the push of a friggin button. Then when some cheap-ass offers you 5 gold for the tip on the rare enchant that took you weeks to grind out, you can decide if that 5g is appropriate or if it is insulting.

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