Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up to 2,100G/Per Hour Farming The Underbog

This is a farming method that has a high gold per hour potential. It is recommended that you do this with either a tank or plate class to farm. Other classes can farm it but it may take longer to clear The Underbog.

What we are looking to farm is Sanguine Hibiscus, these are flowers that can be picked by anyone plus they drop off mobs in the instance. The flowers can then be turned into The Sporeggar for reputation.

One run takes 9 to 10 minutes and I can pull around 25 to 35 Sanguine Hibiscus in that time. So just by low balling it let's say at a minimum you can pull 150 of these flowers in an hour. The average price per Hibiscus is 5g each. Depending on your competition, if there is even any, you can sell these for 10g each. 150 x 5g = 750g per hour at the lowest variables or 210 x 10g = 2100g on the high end. So there is a lot of opportunity and you may have to at least test this on your realm to see if it is worth it.

If you're curious, players want this rep so they can obtain a Tiny Sporebat pet from the Sporeggar.

Here is the rep breakdown,
39000 (Rep Needed) / 750 (Rep Awarded) = 52 (Quest Turn-Ins)
52 (Quest Turn-Ins) x 5 (Sanguine Hibiscus) = 260 Total (Sanguine Hibiscus Required)

So you need a grand total of 260 Hibiscus to get exalted with Sporeggar. If you have little luck on the auction house you can advertise in trade, saying that you are selling 260 hibiscus so players can get their Tiny Sporebat.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I want your server! Prices on mine are around 1g each. Back when I was farming this rep however I would have gladly paid 10g per for these.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
When I first researched this on my realm the hibiscus were selling for 7g but my auctioneer data showed a market value of 5g.

I think the people wanting the pets achievement will still be willing to go this route and buy the rep.

The Coin Master said...

Back when my rogue was an herbalist, I used to just track herbs and stealth around to pick these things.
Still not at fast as killing the mobs, but it was still pretty easy.

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