Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Update 8-17

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Real Life,
This is the worst time of the year for me at my job. I've been working 12 hour days and I've been working on the weekends. I keep on telling myself to think about the money instead of the job, lol. A couple more weeks of this bullshit and it will be over. Again, sorry to all of you with the error I had in my post the other day. Shows how tired I have been of late.

Any who, I've been making a complete killing in Inscription and I still do not have all the glyphs yet. I so wish I was doing this sooner, there may be a lot of competition but all I have to do is post in the evenings a few times and I will always get plenty of sales. Two nights ago I raked in 2.5k in one night just off inscription. There is just ridiculous profit margins, 2g cost per glyph to an upward profit of 60g each! Count me in!

Jewelcrafting has been stuck in a Tropical Storm that can't decide whether or not it wants to take a huge dump. Each day there has been huge swings in prices and supplies of raw uncut gems have been very limited. Which I think is odd since there should be more and more players blowing their honor for gems.

I was able to sell quite a bit in tailoring this week as bags really picked up steam. I couldn't sell enough of them. Vanity pets are non existent as far as sales, I've never had a week where I couldn't sell even one pet! I'm not sure what happened but I am not happy about it.

Here's the total sales,
Jewelcrafting - 4,100g
Inscription - 5,000g
Enchanting - 1,200g
Tailoring - 900g
Alchemy - 800g

Total Liquid - 76,612
Total Invested - 23,800g
Total Assets - 100,412

So total profits where around 8k this week, which wasn't great but not bad considering I have literally zero time to play due to work. It's going to be like this the next couple of weeks till things calm down. Hopefully then I can really make a serious push towards gold cap, but I am also looking forward to breaking 100k liquid very soon.

Thanks for checking in!


Azz said...

NJ - I recently leveled inscription to 450 in an attempt to increase my gold making abilities (and provide vellums for my enchanter) and have not been able to make much gold from the glyphs. I recently added QA3, and set a threshhold at 3g, and fall back at 40g (I think). I do not have all of the glyphs, and do not camp the AH to constantly undercut. But have many of them, and may log in a coupld times a day or so.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for the help!!


NakedJay said...

@ Azz,
You will probably have to post at least 4 to 6 times a day. If you are able to do a final post between 11pm to midnight, that's the best time to get a ton of sales. You are much less likely to be undercut through the morning hours and people will buy your glyphs all night.

I usually do a post before I go to work in the morning then in the evening I check every hour to two hours then make my final posting at midnight.

Try the late night posting if you can, you should see some results. Also if you just started out, the glyphs you currently have are going to be in high supply since everyone has them. Once you add about another 50 to 100 glyphs you will really see some better profits. Try buying 4 to 5 glyph mastery books per day if possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

I wonder if the JC market will recover at all before expansion? I sell uncommon gems to a vendor (cut of course ;) ) if its green or orange, for example. In the past, not so long ago, I was able to get 2k a day from JC. These days it is been hardly 300g. Compared to auctions fees being nasty, I think about quitting the market. Want to buy 10 stacks of Kings Amber?^^



NakedJay said...

@ Jinx,
I highly doubt it. There would have to be some last ditch content that Blizzard is planning to release before Cataclysm comes out. If that were to happen, then yes we could see a boost in the JC markets.

It has been tough, even when there is high demand my margins are 15 to 30 gold on each gem. Instead of 50 to 100 like I have had in the past. I think I will keep working it since it's still another revenue stream but I am finding at times that some gems just aren't worth cutting anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am constantly buying out 3g raw gems to sell them at 4,50g cut, I even got some cut ones under 4,5g. And fighting a price wars over nonexisting profits is a pain in the ass. btw, same goes for epic gems, tho I didn't snatch those up for under 9g of course ;)but you can get caridnal ruby for 80g, where transmuting them costs at least 65g on my server. With a lot of competition you are barely getting sales since demand does not take care of it. I will leave that market soon, get rid of my stock, and save some common ones for cataclysm to sell to ppl who are leveling JC...

well, end of an expansion...wouldn't bug me that much, if I wouldn't have bought that crimson death charger recently^^



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