Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Update 8-24

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Real Life
Well I think I made it through the week of hell at work so that's a huge relief. Now I can find some more time to work on gold making. I did take 4 days off this week from WoW, I didn't log in at all. Not even to post auctions. I just needed a breather to hang out with my girlfriend and friends.

WoW Life
I invested heavily this week, for the little time I played, into uncut epic gems. Found a player who sold me 120 cardinal rubies for 80g each. That gave me a really nice profit margin to work with, 20 to 50g depending on the cut. I also found some good deals on king's amber, finally! The last three weeks have been the very difficult to maintain a stock on king's ambers.

Inscription is still, well, amazing. I keep on learning more and more glyphs and I keep on making more gold. Since I've been selling rituals of the new moon on top of my off hand tomes, I am making sick amounts of gold. It has been roughly a month since I started my inscription business on my DK, since then that character has gone for 120g to 20k+. That is pretty impressive considering these conditions, I play casually, I can't keep up with all the undercutting, and I have no where near all the glyphs even now.

Can't say anything new about tailoring, just keep on making those netherweave bags and keep a snatch list for cloth. I've seen a drop in cloth prices as of this last week so I have been able to increase my profit margins. I sold 200+ bags before I took a break this weekend.

Here's the total sales,
Jewelcrafting - 4,500g
Inscription - 3,500g
Enchanting - 800g
Tailoring - 2000g
Alchemy - 700g

Total Liquid: 72,065
Total Invested: 35,000
Total Assets: 107,065

My liquid gold dropped from last week but that is due to investing 15k into uncut gems. Still a good week considering I took 4 days off from WoW. Would have been nice to seen what I would have made if I logged in those days. I did reach 80k liquid before making my investments.

Thanks for checking in!


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