Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekly Update 8-3

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

Jewelcrafting - 4,000g
Inscription - 3,000g
Alchemy - 1,900g
Tailoring - 1,200g
AH Flipping - 700g
Vanity Pets - 200g
(Did not touch enchanting this week, again, but I do plan on spending time taking Markco's advice and getting old world enchants.)

Around 3/4 of the jewelcrafting markets crashed this week on my realm causing very weak profit margins as you can tell in the 2k drop in profits this week compared to last.

Inscription has been a great money maker now since I have obtained several more new glyphs. I am usually posting around 5 to 6 times a day with the competition I'm going against. I thought 3k gold was really good since I didn't log into WoW at all last weekend.

Alchemy has been easy money as it should be, doing daily transmutes and transferring the gems to my jewelcrafter. I've also kept up on transmuting chaotic skyflares and selling those for a big profit.

Total Liquid: 62,088g
Total Invested: 29,000g
Total Assets: 91,088g

I invested a ton in building up a stock pile of herbs for inscription, still stocking up netherweave cloth for cataclysm, and I have several grand invested in gems. I've been buying up a ton of eternal fire and life as prices have bottomed out. This usually happens every 3 weeks and I end up buying the entire auction house supply. In a couple of weeks prices will return to normal and I will make a handsome profit. =]

Thanks for checking in!


Cold said...

Hey man. The Eternal Orb Exchange has been working great for me lately in these end of days. Have you been trying to flip these?

Shinner said...

What do you use to keep track of your earnings and your total invested and assets?
Been looking for an addon myself so that I can keep track of what I make in comparison to what I spend.

NakedJay said...

I have done that in the past but not recently. I need to get back on that!

NakedJay said...

@ Shinner,
I actually use Titan bar to track my total gold across all characters. There is an addon called Big Picture, it hasn't been updated in a year, that tries to calculate the value of your inventory. I find this to be not that accurate considering that it can use skewed auctioneer data and other items you don't want to consider in your stockpile.

I've been buying the same items all the time so the numbers for their actual value are always stuck in my head to it's easy to look at my banks and determine what the total value is. It's an estimate but should be very close to what the raw material value is.

Anonymous said...

Funny enough I was going to ask the same question. I have yet to find something that will calculate the value of my inventory. The best thing I have found is Auditor, on wowinterface, that lets you see at least where money is going and how much you have made daily, weekly and total. It works pretty well.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
I hadn't heard of Auditor, I will have to check that out. Thanks!

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