Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Admiral's Hat - Tailoring Gold

The Admiral's Hat is an old school money maker for tailoring because the mats are easy to get. Typically this hat can sell for 40 to 50 gold each and mats are cheap unless there is no elegant long feathers on your auction house. Most players have no idea what their real value are so they will put them up for nothing but in the case that there is no supply you can farm Gryphons in the Hinterlands. If you happen to be leveling and pick these feathers up, resell them for 6 to 8 gold each.

Now the only sticker is getting the pattern since it's a limited supply item, it's found on a pirate named Cowardly Crosby in Stranglethorn Vale just south of booty bay on the coast. The item has a 2 hour spawn timer so you may have to camp this vendor to get a hold of the pattern. Even if you're not a tailor you can pick this plan up and resell it for 40 to 100 gold easy.

Players are always wanting to look like pirates and this is a big piece of the wardrobe and any auction house player will not want to do without(If they are over lvl 43). So always expect a demand on this item for some easy gold. Try advertising these babies in trade chat for some quick sales!

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