Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alchemy Recipe Resell Guide

I'm always looking for easy ways to make gold and flipping plans or recipes is as easy as it gets. Here are a few recipes that you can buy from vendors for a decent profit.

Great Rage Potion - buy for 25s, resell for 10g+
Vendor: Hagrus, Ulthir

Frost Oil - buy for 20s, sell for 25g+
Vendor: Bro'kin

Major Mana Potion - Buy for 1.50g, sell for 25g
Transmute Water to Air, buy for 3g, sell for 25g
Vendor: Magnus Frostwake

Shadow Oil - Buy for 15s, sell for 15g
Vendor: Bliztik, Montarr

Transmute Mithril to Truesilver
Transmute Iron to Gold
Transmute Arcanite
Philosopher's Stone
Nature Protection Potion
Vendor: Alchemist Pestlezugg
Sell: Most of these items sell for no less than 20s. Mithril-truesilver is a limited supply item so you can resell for 50g. The remaining plans will sell for 25g.

These are all great ways to make gold, especially if you are limited on capital to invest in professions on your realm or great low level gold for a new character.


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