Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Profits Reselling Throat Piercers

This is a great method to make gold off the twink community and a even better method if you can sell these on the alliance side. Throat Piercers are a horde only vendor item that is the best throwing twink item for 19 and 29 rogues. You might even have some warriors buy this item if they can't obtain a throwing item with strength.

Rare and Valuable
Throat Piercers are a rare limited supply item that has a random spawn timer, but usually only a few hours, on the vendor Eralen in Tranquillien Ghostlands. Since they are rare you can resell these for 50 to 100 gold depending on your realm's demand. These will sell for much more on the neutral auction house since these are horde only. I have an alt camped at this location so I can always pick these up each day.

Picking up for Alliance
There is a way to get this over to alliance but it does require two accounts. You can create a death knight on horde side then run them over to this vendor, buy the item, take it to the neutral auction house, buy it with your second account on alliance or have a friend buy it for you.

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Anonymous said...

Is the BoA bow not better?

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
Actually you are correct. Ranged - "Charmed Ancient Bone Bow" [29-54 Dmg/2.80 Speed = 15.0DPS] +8AP, +1CRIT, +1HIT @ lvl 19

So yes the BoA bow is better but there should be plenty of demand for players who have not yet grinded out emblems for all the BoA gear they will need for their twinks.

Harold said...

It's all about what's easier for the player. 50g for throat piercers or grinding out emblems for a BOA bow. I'll pay the 50g.

Cold said...

Lots of twinks at 19 like to use venomstrike as their ranged weapon, since it has a nice proc of Nature damage.

Binds when picked up Ranged Bow
26 - 50 Damage Speed 2.40
(15.8 damage per second)
Durability 65 / 65
Requires Level 19
Item Level 24
Equip: Chance to strike your ranged target with a Venom Shot for 31 to 45 Nature damage.

NakedJay said...

I've read that the throat piercers are preferred over the venomstrike because of the quicker cast time.

Aloix said...

Well hmm, I'll give it a try, always looking for xfaction stuff and I had to make a stop in the area anyway. Just waiting for the respawn. Undermine Journal doesn't have any prices for this Ally side on my server so we'll see how it goes.

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