Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cataclysm Archaeology - Profiting Artifacts

Looking to the near future blizzard recently pushed out the new Archaeology profession on beta servers. This is a casual profession where you research and find artifacts to piece together stories or other lore. By doing so you can get some rewards such as, pets, mounts, armor, and weapons.

Where's the Value?
Now blizzard has stated that the majority of artifacts will be of common value so they can be sold sold. Now the real question is, how much can these go for? Blizzard has stated that value will increase on artifacts depending on how many fragments are needed to finish said artifact. So we can presume that some artifacts can be sold for a nice profit once complete.

Let's look at Cataclysm launch, there will be a surge of players wanting the epic gear that can be obtained with Archaeology initially. But even afterwards there will be a steady stream of players wanting to obtain the mounts and pets that are available. This should make Archaeology another great revenue stream for us gold making whores.

If you are someone with patience you should have no problem selling every artifact you make when Cataclysm arrives then once demand falls and prices drop, you can start making the artifacts for yourself. That initial rush is where the gold is going to be at.

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Uriul said...

All of the weapons and armor will be BoA. The pets and mounts are BoP.

Blizzard didn't mean "sell" as in the AH, they meant that you'll be able to sell the flavor items to NPCs... which is how they can say ahead of time which items will be more valuable: They're referring to vendor price.

Maybe archaeology will be profitable, but it's not going to have anything to do with selling things to other players unless there's more coming.

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