Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Export BeanCounter Data To Excel

After doing some more research I've found someone who has created an excel workbook that uses macros to export your BeanCounter data. This is a little bit more advanced method than I'm used to sharing with my readers but if you're interested in breaking down your BeanCounter data and drilling down in the data then this is for you. I wanted to see if there was something else available since WoW Sales Report is no longer being updated and it does not work with newer auctioneer data.

The Download & Install
You can download the file from curse gaming, BeanCounter Export. You will need Office 2007 and macros must be installed. If you need to enable macros go to File -> Excel Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings. I have not tested this file in OpenOffice but I'm sure it will work in the newest version.

It doesn't matter where you put the file, your desktop or my docs will be fine. Double click on the file and edit the settings on the first page of the workbook then press ALT + F8 to run the macro. A popup box will ask if you want to run Readfile, click run. A box will pop up and ask you for the path, enter this path name but edit it for your account name c:\program files\World of warcraft\Wtf\Account\"Account Name"\saved variables\beancounter.lua . It will say done, click ok.

Changing Options
You should now be able to look at your auction house transactions based upon the settings you selected. The currency data is a bit messy but we can fix this by selecting columns E through K then right click on any column then click Format Cells. Go to Custom then copy past this, 0"."0000;-0"."00;0"."00. This will change the format to gold so it's easier to read.

By using the top menu buttons you can sort the data any which way you want. This export is great because it allows you to see sales patterns, what items are your hottest sellers, and what classes you might be tailoring too.


Sheldreyn said...

version 1.3 already does the formatting

NakedJay said...

@ Sheldreyn,
Oh I do see a new version came out yesterday! That is a nice update. Thanks for letting us know.

Sheldreyn said...

I've been asking a lot of features to the dev of this tool. So expect many changes if we manage to overcome the design issues we are facing at the moment.

Shamaenei said...

I'm working on a windows version that doesn't use excel sheets by converting the macro the dev is using to another programming language(C#). This is then put into a database so you can easily backup and access the data you need at any time. If that's running smoothly I may expend my plans and make a website version of the tool where everybody can upload their beancounter data in a personal system and run searches/graphs on it. Lots of work to be done but it's a nice "after work" project for when i'm not raiding

NakedJay said...

@ Shamaenei,
That sounds amazing! Hope it goes smoothly, I will love to see this.

Anonymous said...

If anyone could come up with a mac option that would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Isnt there a column in beancounter that says how much my char have in gold? I mean, the amount of gold in bag. Would be nice to plot my fortune over time :-)

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