Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Use Auctionator

There is a lot of emphasis on using Auctioneer, which is a great addon but it can be intimidating to most players that are new to the auction house game. Auctionator is a lightweight and easy to use addon for the auction house. It allows you to quickly post auctions, buy items, and cancel auctions that you have been undercut on.

I would recommend going to google and do a search for Auctionator, the first result should be for curse gaming, go there and download the latest version. You will need to place it in your World of Warcaft/Interface/Addons folder. You will need to restart wow if you do this install if you still have the game running. Select which characters you will want to use this addon at your character selection screen. Now get to an auction house and open an auction house window with an auctioneer. You should see three new tabs in orange lettering at the bottom of the auction house window, Buy, Sell, & More.

1. Click on the Buy Tab.
2. Click on the Full Scan Button (Upper Right Hand of AH Window).
3. New Dialog Box Should Open -> Click on Start Scanning -> When it's finished, click Done.
4. One the Buy Tab, search for an item you would like to buy.
5. In the Search Item click on the item you are looking for. It will breakdown prices listed for that item by stack and quantity.
6. Once an item is highlighted, click on the Buy Button (Lower Right Hand of AH Window).
7. Enter in the number of stacks you want to buy -> Click Buy.

If there is 40 stacks of infinite dust and you enter in 40 stacks to buy, Auctionator will instantly buy all 40 stacks for you! You will no longer have to hunt through the list and select each stack 40 times to buy them all. This also allows you to easily see quantities better, for example, when arrows are posted in singles or stacks of 100.

1. Click on the Sell Tab.
2. Drag an Item to left side of the AH window and insert it into the blank box. Auctionator will list your competition's current prices for that item. Auctionator will automatically enter the price you should post the item for, lower than your competition.
3. If you are satisfied with the price and quantity, click Create Auctions.

1. Click on the More Tab.
2. Click on the button, Check for Undercuts, this will search through your auctions and detect whether or not you have been undercut.
3. If undercuts are found it will ask you to cancel your auctions that have been undercut, click Yes. Auctionator will cancel all auctions immediately.

Inside of WoW go into your interface settings -> Addons -> Auctionator
There are a few settings we want to look at.
1. Select Show Tooltips (If you want price history on your items)
2. Undercutting -> Enter in the price threshold you want to undercut with
3. Selling -> Setup stack sizes for various item types

I love this addon because it is so easy to use and it really streamlines your auction house processes. Buying and selling are not much easier than this!

Questions for Comments
Do you use Auctionator? Do you prefer using Auctioneer instead? Which addons do you use to for your gold making business?


Anonymous said...

By far, my favorite part of Auctionator is setting up groups for the items/mats I buy frequently. You can have distinct groups for herbs, ore, vellums, epic gems, whatever. Auctioneer still has its uses for me (market pricing, some selling, glypher, snatching) but Auctionator is a very clean, intuitive addon that can't be excluded from a must-have AH player's addon list.

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