Sunday, September 19, 2010

Make Easy Starter Gold With This One Tip

I always see low level characters in capital cities begging for gold or sending tells asking for a few gold, so I figure this would be a great topic to address. This won't make you rich but this will for sure help you buy your talents, low level gear, and any other goodies you want.

What we are looking to do is flip a vendor item in your capital city. We want to get to the nearest fishing supply vendor, Shanky in Orgrimmar or Catherine Leland in Stormwind. We are wanting to buy the item Strong Fishing Pole. This item costs 9s but we can easily resell it for 10g or more, I've had it sell for 20g!

Why This Sells?
What makes this item so valuable is because it is a limited supply item, but you should have no problem picking one up off the vendor, and because it has +5 to fishing skill. Players will lookup on the auction house for anything to boost their fishing and 10 to 20 gold is drop in the bucket for most players that are level capped. It may not resell quickly but normally it will sell throughout the day, so a few hours. You can rinse and repeat this process to keep a stream of gold coming in while you level so you can keep upgrading your gear. By the way! There is NO competition on the auction house for this item.

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Cold said...

There are 34 Vendors that sell this item (both factions included) all over the globe. Just about any fisherman, fishermonger, or fishing supplies will have this, so you can pick them up in your travels throughout the game world.

Anonymous said...

what realm do you live on? I have a few bridges I want to sell you

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