Friday, September 3, 2010

Paying for Guild Sig?

Sign Me Up! Getting gold those first few levels can be difficult even if you are selling everything you pickup. Always keep a keen eye for posts in general or trade chat for players paying for guild signatures. Most of the time guild signature payouts will be 5 to 10g but that is a huge amount of gold at such low levels. Especially if you're starting out for the first time or creating a new character on a brand new realm.

For example, on my one alt I have signed 8 guild charters! I earned anywhere from 5 gold to 50g per signature! I was expecting 20g one time from a player and he gave me 50g instead. He said, "Consider it a gift." So just think of it as another way to make gold while leveling. I leave my alts guild-less while leveling or have them in my personal guild that I can easily leave.

Reinvesting that Gold
This is critical if you want to build up some gold on a new character, especially if that character is stranded on a new realm. If I get some starter gold off guild signatures I will run to the auction house and start looking for items to flip. I'll get a couple auction house scans in during a day to get the feel for the realm's markets then start looking for items on the resale list. I will start looking for anything that I can buy for just a few silver to a gold each that I can flip for big profits.

You only need one successful day of flips and you are pretty much good on that realm. Once you have built up 50 to 100 gold then you can really start flipping bigger items. Rinse and repeat, the gold pile will just keep growing.

Questions for Comments
What methods do you use for earning gold at low levels? Do you keep an eye out for guild signatures? What's the most you have been paid to sign a guild charter?


Cold said...

And sometimes they won't auto-kick you and you can do steal from the guild bank before you leave the guild to get another signature payment. Just lay low and steal your 1 item a day or whatnot until its new signature time.

NakedJay said...

Ha! I love it. Every time so far I have been booted immediately. Hopefully I get lucky and lay low next time.

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