Friday, September 24, 2010

RP Gold with Formal Dangui

Get the gift that soo many role players want this Winter Veil, the Formal Dangui! That is if you are lucky enough to catch this being spawned on the vendor. This is a big ticket item that can sell for thousands on an role playing realm and still sell for a good amount on non RP realms.

The Formal Dangui is a common chest piece that is sold by the vendor, Geenia Sunshadow in Moonglade. This item is extremely rare and has been guesstimated to have 1 to 2 month respawn timer. Now that makes it extremely rare and highly valuable.

So what does it hurt to have an alt camped there in Moonglade? I have my low level druid camped right next to the vendor so I can log in and quickly check. If you want a character to easily get to Moonglade you can level a druid to 10 then purchase the teleport to Moonglade spell.

Now I have not sold one of these personally but these items do sell, especially on RP realms. When I do obtain one I will sell it for thousands of gold. I think there should be no problem selling one of these for 1k to 2k gold on a regular realm. On RP realms the Formal Dangui can sell for several thousand gold. Don't believe me? Do a search on google about this item, there is posts on realm forums of players looking to buy this chest piece for thousands of gold.

So for the chance of logging in a couple times per day on your alt to find this item you could open up the chance for a huge chunk of gold. I would suggest selling this in trade chat detailing how rare it is plus you can avoid the big auction house fees as well.

Thanks for checking in!

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Liam said...

This is also the BiS item for lvl 1 twinks :P as you can have outland level enchants on it due to item level.

xoxo anaalius

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