Sunday, September 5, 2010

Runecloth is still Profitable

Runecloth is still very profitable due to reputation turn ins and for leveling tailoring. Not only are players stockpiling runecloth now for cataclysm but there is plenty of players using it up right now. Currently on my realm a stack of runecloth sells for 10 to 15 gold.

There is two spots that I farm for runecloth, Undead Stratholme and Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula, either spot will net you 300+ cloth per hour. I prefer farming Stratholme because I'm an enchanter and it will boost your gold per hour much higher. Check out my previous post on farming Stratholme as an Enchanter. Plus you can make a nice profit off trash and selling items that are worthless to D/E.

I've been splitting what I have been farming in half, as half goes into the my stockpile for cataclysm and the rest goes to the auction house for sale. This way I keep gold coming in and I can still build my stockpile, as we still have plenty of time till expansion lands.

Questions for Comments?
Where do you farm Runecloth? Have you begun stockpiling for Cataclysm?


Cold said...

I have been farming runecloth from ZG while I'm going for exhaulted on my mainand gathering bijous and coins to mail to my alchemist, who I want to get to exhaulted for the 4 recipes before ZG is not a raid anymore.

Marxman said...

I've got a couple bank tabs of Runecloth saved up. I'll end up using a significant portion of that to level my alch/tailor army for cataclysm, but it's plentiful on my server at 2-4g per stack. I can nab 20 stacks a day for under 4g, which is basically free money.

Wow Gold said...

I agree with you, runecloth is very useful as it tailor can make different types of armor.

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