Saturday, September 4, 2010

Selling Leveling Greens

This can be a tricky market to get a hang on since there is so many items to look for but it can be a great money maker, especially come Cataclysm. I know what you're thinking, what about all these Bind on a Account items? Here's the thing, BoA items don't cover all slots and then you have the factor of players being lazy or not having any interest in grinding out emblems and faction seals.

What to Sell?
You can add uncommon greens as another item to look for in your gold making process. For some greens you can make a higher profit than just straight selling to a vendor. The key is looking for the right items which can take a bit of experience to know what to sell. Here are some of the types of greens that you should be looking for.

of The Monkey
of The Bear
of Power (Mail & Leather)
of The Eagle (Cloth, leather)
Anything with Spellpower
Stam, Strength, Crit on plate or mail
Any Blue (Just about any blue is going to sell for more than the d/e shard, unless it's a weapon you can sell to vendor, some do sell to vendor for a good amount)

Now you're thinking, what about tank gear? Defense gear is good to sell NOW. Do not stock up on this gear for cataclysm as defense will no longer be a stat since it will be built into tanking specs.

How to Price?
This can be tricky as you can look at market prices of similar gear to get a feel for what that item may sell for. You may not have much auctioneer data on some of these items since they have such random stats. You can forget about minimum bids with this type of gear as people who are leveling want their gear now, not later. You need to find a price where you at least make double of what you would sold to a vendor. So a green weapon sells for 9g you need to sell it for around 20g.

Leveling blues will normally sell for 50 to 100 gold. Unless you get something truely great it might sell for a couple hundred. The great thing about blues is there is much more auctioneer data available to you will have a better idea of the market price on your realm.

Questions for Comments
Do you sell leveling greens? Any things you look for when selling leveling items? Do you avoid this market of the auction house?


Cold said...

BoAs are only good for existing players. Think of how many new players we will get with the Cataclysm release and then Christmas shortly after.

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
You are absolutely right. There should be a nice boost in new and returning players.

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