Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shadowfang Keep BoE Snatch List

You may not know about these two items but there are two very rare BoE drops out of Shadowfang keep. The drop rate on these two items have been nerfed substantially so it probably would be a waste of time trying to farm for these items. Unless you are really into tweaking out then go for it.

Those Silly Twinks
The two items are Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade. They can sell from anywhere from 2k all the way to 10k gold. Even some players will pay real money just to get one of these. These are a couple of the best twink weapons available at level 19 so they are in high demand in the twink community.

The Snatch
What we are banking on someone picks ones of these up and has no idea what the real cost is. Hopefully the post it from 50 to 200g. What we can do is use the snatch tool to create a price threshold of 1000g to try and catch any of these items. Even if you bought one for 1k you should have no problem making an insane profit. For more information on using the snatch tool check out my tutorial, Using the Snatch Auction Tool.


Cold said...

You know this gets a big nerf in cataclysm right?

Shadowfang Rare
Binds when equipped
Speed 2.70
27 - 50 Damage(14.3 damage per second)Item Level 21
Chance on Hit: Sends a shadowy bolt at the Durability 70 / 70
Requires Level 16
enemy causing 30 Shadow damage.

Loses damage, dps, and +shadow damager per hit.


Assassin's Blade
Binds when equipped
Speed 1.80
18 - 33 Damage(14.2 damage per second)
+4 Agility
Durability 45 / 45
Requires Level 16
Item Level 21
Equip: Improves hit rating by 3.

Won't even be best in slot anymore, so don't farm or buy these out. People are dumping them now before Cataclysm. Sorry man, but this post is misleading and will more than likely lose you money, unless you find a complete idiot to buy your soon to be nerfed weapons. No offense.

In the meantime, focus on items that will gain value with the expansion changes. My post for today (which was pre-queued) was about just that. Check out the Nine 10-19 Bracket Green items Going Blue.

NakedJay said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea they were nerfing these two weps. I think that if you were still able to find these for dirt cheap you could still make a descent profit off a flip since there is 3 months left till expansion.

Checked out your post today, great stuff.

Cold said...

Well I agree, if you find them for dirt cheap go ahead and give it a shot, but ONLY if you are in the RUIN battlegroup currently, which is the 10-19 Twink bracket battlegroup. If you aren't in the Ruin BG then, flip at your own risk. Some people have paig upwards of 10k for a shadowfang, you should see there posts about this nerf, lol!

Using my own advice I snagged a Stonemason Cloak for 1g today. Come cata it turns blue and gets twice as many stats. Cha-Ching!

Going forward looking at items like this, all of the drops from SFK, RFK, etc. are being item level and stat adjustments. World drops are mostly unaffected, but random trash drops off instance mobs are affected, hence BoEs from SFK, like above.

Hope you didn't take any offense to my reply about this post, just trying to be helpful and not call you out. :)

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
No it's all good. I need to know if there is changes to items or other areas of the game that I am unaware of. Thanks!

Cold said...

LOL! Look whats up on the new beta build:

New Shadowfang Stats

Isn't speculation fun?

NakedJay said...

@ Cold, That's pretty funny what can change within a day.

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