Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sticking to a System

Just like making money in real life you have to work hard and find a system that works. I'm not talking about a dead end job but actually being your own boss or finding an income that can be very flexible to work around.

Finding a System
The same ideas can be applied to making gold in WoW. Every realm is different and every realm varies in populations. But regardless of those facts you can make gold on any realm. Let's say for example that you make a steady income just flipping items on the auction house compared to professions on your realm. Then that is a system that works for you! You may find reselling vendor items on the auction house is very lucrative so you make an easy profit in doing so taking you to financial freedom in WoW. You never have to worry about raid repairs or paying for item enhancements ever again.

There is many different techniques for making gold and several of these methods work really well but that doesn't mean that they will work for you on your realm. You will need to test these methods out and find the one that works best for you. I make the majority of my gold from inscription and jewelcrafting but I only dabble in enchanting markets because there is just insane competition on my realm. Why waste my time getting frustrated with enchanting when I can make ridiculous gold in the other two markets? If I get some revenue from enchanting then great! Just more to add to my pile but I don't put all my effort into that market.

Questions for Comments
What markets work best for you? What issues have you encountered on your realm? Any methods you've read just flat out fail on your realm?


Cold said...

On my realm and faction (each factions ah can be completely different even on the same server), I make the most gold with blacksmithing, enchanting, and flipping vendor bought items like schematics, recipes, pets, fishing poles, limited quantity items, etc. I made tons off of glyphs, but the competition became so fierce I am only sporadically in that market, when prices are up. I have made tons on jewelcrafting, but my time is better spent elsewhere with all the competition and lack of new items that need gems since most are geared out by now.

I also recommend finding a niche that you can be one of the only suppliers, like engineering pets, purple silk shirts, twink / BoA enchants, etc.

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