Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Update 9-14, Final Update for a While

Well it's that time of the week when I, Nakedjay, gives you a detailed recap of my gold making adventures for the last week.

100k Mark!
Well I reached over 100k this week which is a major achievement for myself to attain. It shows that a very casual player like myself can make some serious gold. I still have a while to go till I get to gold cap but it will happen soon enough. Hopefully I can pull it off before expansion hits.

Cataclysm Release Date
MMO-Champion has released a tentative release date for Cataclysm for November 2, barring any issues that could push it back.

Final Weekly Update
This will be the final weekly update as I think I have proven that I can make gold and that it has become a bit redundant especially this close to the end of an expansion. I think it's great that I can show some of the big sales I am pulling off and how I am doing it but I think I am missing out on a day to provide great content to you the readers. I am planning on making updates in the future but they will be more out of necessity as I may make a serious haul one week or I may want to discuss some big market fluctuations or speculation. We'll see how it goes but there won't be an update every Tuesday like there has been in the past.

The Numbers
It's been tough making gold even with additional playing time this week. Profit margins are pretty tight on jewelcrafting and glyph competition has risen and demand has begun to fall. Netherweave bags have been great as usual; I've still been slacking with enchanting and vendor pets.

Here's the Total Sales,
Jewelcrafting - 16,092g
Inscription - 4,328g
Tailoring - 900g
Alchemy - 700g

Total Liquid - 103,658g
Total Investment - 20,000g
Total Assets - 124,658g

My liquid gold increased by 13.5k since last week's post. Still a good week but would have liked for it to be around 20k. I just want Cataclysm to get here. I am really getting bored with the existing content, just burnt out trying to wrestle my way through the trenches for the time being. I am so hoping the quest lines and content leading up to expansion can keep me entertained.

Questions for Comments
Are you burnt out? Have you quit or taken a break from WoW? What kind of updates would you like to see in the future on my gold making?


Anonymous said...

I've taken a break from the game for the last 3 weeks, going on 4. I had been running ICC on a couple characters, but just can't seem to get in a decent group or guild that can clear the place. I was also making decent gold, but it was quite a time sink to keep the business running, and was basically just stuck around 120k liquid gold. Ultimately, I just decided to take a break and focus on doing some stuff in real life. I emptied out most of my bank of materials and put it up on the AH before my game time ran out, so hopefully I'll have some extra gold waiting for me when I return. I want to complete Ulduar hard modes, clear ICC, hit the gold cap, and have an 80 of each class before Cataclysm hits, but it looks like most of that won't happen. I just got exhausted from trying. But, I'll be back when I get my head on straight again.

Cold said...

Business as usual overhere, over than cutting a lot of my time in the JC market.

Anonymous said...

When I spent like 110k on a Crimson Death Charger, I went down below cap. That fired me up for a month to get more money again. Well, within a month I almost made that money back again and now I am stuck as well, at least as far as gold making is concerned. I am doing quests and try to prepare my chars for cataclysm, but the latter is pretty boring too.
I guess I will be switching servers to a low pop server and quit gold making for a while and simply enjoy the upcoming expansion with friends. I still have to figure out a way of getting 300k from one server to another...^^

I was thinking about 20 choppers or so, but I am not sure if I can liquidate such an amount fast enough before expansion...? any other suggestions on rather price stable investments that sell fast to transfer such an amount of money?


NakedJay said...

@ Jinx,
I've never done a realm transfer where I had to transfer a ton of wealth. I've read that most players do use the chopper method on top of buying up expensive materials. But this close to Cataclysm it may be risky transferring wealth by items and hoping to get the same value on another realm, especially a low pop realm.

Anonymous said...

you are very right, just don't know what to do. If Cata releases on November 2nd, and I transfer now, I may be able to get my transfered items sold by release. At least on the more populated horde side. Getting it from Horde to Alliance on the same server is just a matter of time...

In my opinion it doesn't matter which faction, it matters more that you have your money on the right server. But thanks, just came up with that idea because of your reminder ;)



Wow Gold said...

Cool, That's a lot! Getting more gold is a tough job.

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