Monday, September 20, 2010

World PVP, ah, those were the days

Today is one of the rare times that I deviate away from gold making and talk about another subject in WoW. I was digging through my archive of screenshots on my PC and I found one from about a year ago that brought back some great memories of world PVP.


The screenshot above is an image of myself and my guildies where we had just killed everyone with a pvp tag in Ironforge. Years ago our realm was alliance heavy but things have changed, there is hardly anyone on alliance anymore. So we did the right thing by showing up at 9pm to represent!

For someone like myself who has loved world pvp I have been slightly unhappy the direction WoW has taken away from World PVP over the years even though there was some half hearted attempts to bring that back in WOTLK. I hope there is some new world pvp areas in Cataclysm but probably it will be as lackluster as wrath.

Wintersgrasp is a cool zone but it still has that battleground feel, I guess nothing beats an epic fight at a town or the feeling that you pissed off the whole area and they have to call for help. Then seeing 20 level cap players fly into a zone all at about the same time to defend our attack. That was the days. I love nothing more than this scenario where you are only fighting for pride, fun, and maybe because you enjoy frustrating other players. No rewards either, just good ol' pvp.

Questions for Comments
What was your most memorable pvp moments? Do you miss classic world pvp?


The Coin Master said...

My most memorable pvp moment was probably when I was like lvl 20 and when I was new to WoW. It was new years eve, and I was playing on a server that was 3 hours ahead(So at midnight server time it was 9 for me). I was standing around in goldshire, when all of a sudden these Horde that drank giant growth elixirs ride in on their mounts and start killing everything in Goldshire.
I was totally confused at why there were giant tauren, and why everyone was running to SW. I followed them, and we were all lined up at the entrance gates, ready to try to defend stormwind. It seemed pretty epic at the time, but it probably wasn't as big of a fight as what it really was lol.

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