Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow Auctioneer database parser II

Wanna break down your auction house scans? Would you like a spreadsheet to search in for current prices? Wanna research items maybe you should be selling? Well there is a website for you!

Wow Auctioneer database parser II is a website that will take your auction house data and convert it to a CSV file that you can open up in excel. You will need to get the latest version of auctioneer and Auc-db installed to run a scan and have a database file to export. This export allows you to view the latest auction house data from your most recent scan.

I like using this to quickly lookup prices for various items, especially if I'm farming or I'm away from the auction house. You can also use it to quickly compare faction prices on the same realm. Run a scan on horde, export, then jump over to alliance and do the same. Compare the prices and see what items you can faction trade to sell on the other side for higher profit. (This will require two accounts)

Let me know what you think!


Shamaenei said...

nice one! I hope the undermine journal is going to be supporting EU realms soon. until then this might be the solution

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