Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Great Gold Guide

Since I'm taking a vacation from WoW, at least till Cataclysm comes out, I wanted to leave up my recommendation for a gold guide everyone can use.

Before I ever read a gold blog the first gold guide I read was WoW Schools. That guide helped me jump into auction house addons, which I was a bit nervous about, and I was able to use it as a base to develop my own strategies. From there I started making quite a bit of gold and never had to worry about gold again. Since the day I bought it I have been able to buy everything in WoW that I could possibly want.

If you are looking to get a complete guide on setting up addons, what to sell, and other various strategies for gold making then pickup the WoW Schools Gold Guide. Go from rags to riches! Get a chopper and all the BoE gear off the auction house!


Cold said...

Can't wait for your return to the gold bloggers scene. Hope work is getting easier for you.

Markco said...

Wow Schools is a flipping guide, if you would like more than flipping strategies (which can work as well) to get gold cap (such as professions) check out

NakedJay said...

Things are better at work but I got engaged a couple weeks ago so I've already dived right into wedding planning! That hasn't got me stressed it's my fiancée that is stressing me!

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