Thursday, December 2, 2010

All Alone and In Need of Gold!

It's so cold...and lonely on this new realm. No existing characters to steal gold from. No friends to buy me some shiny new bags or gear. All I have is my experience, courage, and confidence to push ahead and know that I will find a way to make some serious gold on Kel'thuzad.

Now you're probably wondering why the heck is Nakedjay creating a character over at Kel'thuzad? My buddies are all going to create their worgens on that realm and have already created a guild. Funny thing is they just created level one characters and all started begging for gold to create the guild charter. I had no part in that since I like to abstain from begging and it occurred before my return to WoW.

So currently I've got a new mage named Nakedjay running around Kel'thuzad. He hit level 13 last night with not the best focus of actual leveling. My goal is to use him to start making some serious gold on this realm so I will have all the gold I will ever need for my new worgen. My end goal is to get this mage to level 20 so I can buy a mount and use him for gathering.

I picked up skinning and mining on this new character and it has worked out nicely. I've been able to sell three greens I've picked up, leather, and linen. I've racked up 28g rather quickly without even selling my copper ore. The low level greens I've been lucky so far, they have all sold for 2 to 10 gold each.

Here is a run down of the going prices at Kel'thuzad (US):
  • Copper Ore - 10g a stack
  • Linen cloth - 2g a stack
  • Light Leather 4g to 5g a stack
  • Rough Stone - 19s a stack
So here is my plan,
  1. Keep leveling and selling everything I pickup
  2. Get my mage to level 20
  3. Buy mount
  4. Farm copper in Elwynn
  5. Skin everything I see
  6. Flip Vendor Pets
It should be interesting to see where I'm at come December 7th. It would be nice to have a few hundred gold stacked up ready to use for my worgen. I don't want to get my hands dirty with auction house flipping in general since the markets are so volatile this close to Cataclysm.

What's your favorite low level gold making method?


Markco said...

Don't forget to sell low level meats!

NakedJay said...

Good point! I forgot to add that. I did sell stringy wolf meat for 8g!

NYMeatball said...

By far my favourite method of making low level gold is selling vendor recipes. My tried and true method - and sadly this only works if you're alliance, is flipping the Old Town cooking recipes. There's 11 or so post patch you can sell. I think it sets you back around 1 gold total to buy one of each. I sell these regularly at a 25s threshold for upwards of 20 gold sometimes.

Works at any level! I'm not horde so unfortunately I don't know any org/tb/undercity spots. I'm sure they exist though if you go looking!

Gathering seems the best to me for starting at 0c, but as soon as i made my first 2 or 3g i'd definitely be investing it into those recipe flips.

Houck said...

Worst part of that server is the trade spam.

Goor said...

I just won now a timecard for three bucks. There is a bidsite, which just started, and they have time cards sometimes and now traffic on the site, so easy to win. :) If anyone intrested in:

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