Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have You Ever Given Away a 100k?

I know...crazy right? Giving away all that hard earned gold just for the hell of it. That's what I did a couple months ago. I was so burnt out on WoW that I was at the point of just quiting for good. At the time that I had this crazy idea I was sitting at 140k gold.

With a crazy look in my eyes and a budlight in the my hand, I messaged my real life friends who were still playing the game. I told them I was going to give away 100k gold that I had earned from working the auction house since I was quiting the game. I split up the gold between the four of them so they each received 25k gold. I'm fairly certain that none of them had ever had that much gold before in the the years they have been playing this game.

I logged off immediately and went to to cancel my account. I never asked them again about the gold till I returned the other day to WoW. As I had figured they had blown it, which is fine but typical. It was their gold to blow but I was hoping that maybe they had learned some of the things I've been doing to make gold in the past and keep up so they would have a steady income stream. I think each of them now has a couple grand left so they are definitely not broke but that is sure a lot of gold to blow through.

As I thought about this I began thinking of some real life similarities. Ever known or heard of someone in your town or city that won the lottery? Then within a couple years they were broke cause they blew it all? It seems to be a common story throughout the years with lottery winners. They buy big houses, multiple expensive cars, and other toys then they can't afford the taxes or just don't have any money left.

It's the difference of a poor to rich mentality. Some have it and others don't. Someone who has worked hard to get rich isn't going to just blow all their money and even if they are a big spender they know how to keep income coming in.

I was glad that I left myself 40k, which will be plenty to buy new stock and pay for leveling my professions. I can use that early on to make some massive profits. I already purchased 310% riding so I can really farm quick with my paladin. 310 flying + Crusader Aura = Profit!


Cold said...

There's a new TV Show on called "The Lottery Changed My Life" that talks about the same things you mentioned. It's a pretty interesting show seeing how they blew their money and end up broken many times worse than before they won the lottery.

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
Really? I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Something about overestimating how much they actually have because they had previously spent all of their weekly paycheck on beer (cars, houses, a million unwatched tv channels... sparkle ponies...) I'd imagine.

Cold said...

Looks Like a Marathon of the show tommorrow (12-4)

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