Saturday, December 4, 2010

Netherweave Bags: Cataclysm Launch

So as I've been looking at all of my characters banks I started to realize all the stuff I have been stockpiling for the Cataclysm. I kind of forgot about some of it after I took my recent break from WoW. I had a guild bank full of Netherweave cloth so I spent the day cranking out hundreds of netherweave bags to sell at launch.

I did catch Cold's post on Faction Satchles were he talked about 16 slot bags being available via a quartermaster but the only problem is that new characters will still need to gain rep to purchase these bags. So I would agree with Cold that there is a slim chance that this will have any effect on initial sales of netherweave bags with all the new worgen and goblin characters running about.

There hasn't been much of a demand spike since the sundering with the new race/class combos so I am going to hang on to my stockpile and wait for the Cata launch to throw all these up on the auction house at a much better price than 8 to 9 gold.


Xeroaze said...

good post, my server nets me a steady income from these, my stock never lowers because i can buy stacks at the same pace i sell bags

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