Monday, February 28, 2011

Snatch List for Righteous Orbs

I've been making pretty good money selling crusader enchants on horde side of my server but I have been leveling some new characters through PVP on the alliance side because the que times are instant. What I found on alliance side was several instances where someone had no idea of the value of a righteous orb. Usually because there was none on the auction house at the time so noob players have nothing to reference by.

So I have been seeing righteous orbs occasionally sell for 4 to 15 gold and I have been snatching these up and reselling for 70 to 100 gold! Pretty nice profit margin especially for some new characters on the other faction. Lets me stock up on enchants and new gear for my characters while I PVP!

So if you're not an enchanter or you may be leveling some new characters, start keeping an eye on righteous orbs. Even if you are an enchanter you can maximize profits by selling the crusader enchant. You might find some great deals on your realm!

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