Friday, April 22, 2011

So I guess you have all been wondering where I have been?

Life has been super busy. I actually have taken another break from WoW, between overtime at work, planning a wedding, and working on other websites there has been very little time to work on this blog. On top of all that all my friends quit WoW so that didn't help much either with my decision. So we will see how things go with this site.

I currently run about 12 websites in various niches where some are joint ventures with other bloggers. Some are still in development but are getting close to being launched.

If you happen to be a blogger and are looking for resources for generating traffic, making a passive income for your hard work, and SEO techniques to build your ranking in Google then check out my new website

The website just recently launched but I have content setup to be posted the next two weeks with more guides to be added shortly. I am also looking to create some videos with tutorials on blogging methods and traffic generation.

Hope to see you there!


WoW Echoes said...

Grats for your new site. It looks great and has useful content! Planning to be one of your regular visitors.

JohnnyC said...

Thanks for your content relating to WoW in the past.

I also own 12 websites and am developing them ironically :) if you want to do any joint ventures let me know. I'll check out your new site.


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