Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WoW Schools Gold Guide Price Drop!

One of my favorite gold guides just had a huge price drop. WoW Schools was selling for $29.99 but is now going for $13. This is the gold guide that got my start in gold making and helped me to amass 250k gold!

Here are some of the topics it covers:

  • Learn to Make Tons of Gold at Level 1

  • Tutorials on all Gold Making Addons

  • Auction House tips and tricks

  • Best Farming Locations

  • How to use Professions Correctly to get Rich

  • Tactics to Reach Gold Cap

Check out the guide here, at WoW Schools.


WoW Talent Guide said...

I’ve been working on PVP for my mage to start a pvp set. I recently respecced her to arc from frost for pvp and I really enjoy it. I love my holy paladin and her pvp set is pretty decent but let’s face it…sometimes you just want to kill someone.

WOW Player said...

Well, It isn't too hard to make decent gold in WOW. It is a matter of people taking the time to go ahead and farm it.

hibbynana na said...

If you are a rookie in wow, then you know that one of the most important things you can buy world of warcraft

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