About Me

Character: Nakedjay
Realm: Nathrezim (US)

Hey all, I'm an addicted 27 year old WoW player, although I have become more of a casual player of late, who works a full time job in I.T. I decided I wanted to start a personal quest and see if I could reach gold cap so I created http://blingingwow.blogspot.com/ to share with everyone my journey to gold cap.

I am hoping that by sharing my efforts I can help others make a lot of gold or even obtain the gold cap themselves.

So you might be thinking, how is Nakedjay going to obtain this? What information can I get out of this blog? Well I can tell you this, I do a lot of research on several techniques and I test many methods to see how to boost gold per hour. I will show you what methods work and what don't.

Thanks for checking out my blog, please leave comments, feedback, or e-mail me with any questions you might have. My e-mail is blingingwow at gmail dot com.

My Lifestream

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